Thursday , February 25 2021

Presidential Conference 2019: Ousmane Sonko urges Pastef activists to respect the choice of other political actors

XALIMANEWS: A few days before the presidential election on February 24, 2019, where alliances are emerging, especially with the numerous candidates disqualified after the sponsorship, the Pastef leader invites his supporters to respect the choice of any political actor and not pour in demonization and severe criticism.
So he decided to send a poignant message to Pastef activists, to encourage them to stay on track.
Here is in extenso the message of the leader of Pastef that we propose to read for more details:

I solemnly urge all PASTEF activists, and all members of the SONKO PRESIDENT Coalition, to respect the guiding choices of each political actor in this context of electoral alliance.
Therefore, we must avoid any indignation or misrepresentation against fellow citizens and their freedom of opinion and association guaranteed by the constitution.

Long live Senegal!

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