Presidential Conference 2019: Ousmane Sonko calls on young people to "reverse" the system in place


Kaffrine, February 5 (APS) – Sonko President coalition candidate Ousmane Sonko called Tuesday in Kaffrine (central) for young people to "reverse" the system in place in Senegal since independence. country in 1960.

"I am the candidate of youth, and I am proud of it, it is these youth that constitutes the present and future of the country, can not be recognized in this system dating from independence, overthrow this system on the night of February 24," exhorted the Senegalese Patriots party leader for work, ethics and fraternity (PASTEF).

Expected on Monday, Ousmane Sonko finally did not step on Kaffrine's floor that Tuesday night.

Previously, the PASTEF leader went to Koungheul department.

In Kaffrine, he returned largely to the incidents in Saint-Louis, where two of his militants were injured.

"ABY [Benno Bokk Yaakaar] She's scared and scared. It seems that President Sonko's coalition is the only opposition. This coalition accuses us of grace, right and wrong. It shows that they are afraid of us, "Sonko said.

He called on defense and security forces and religious and judicial authorities to respond to such attacks.

After listing the problems of Kaffrine, Ousmane Sonko promised to change the face of this region if he is elected president.

However, he urged his activists to favor proximity visits, he said, to more convincing people about the need to change the system.

"We do not have to spend millions and millions to mobilize, we should focus on local visits to popularize our political vision," he insisted.


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