Sunday , February 28 2021

Presidential Candidate Support: Malick Gackou convenes a meeting of the Executive Secretariat tonight

XALIMANEWS: The 2019 presidential year is on the horizon and serious things, namely, political alliances continue to make headlines not only in the media but also in Senegalese homes. In that sense, many leaders have already communicated at their rally for this or that other party. Only a few have no desire to refuse their position and may be waiting for the opportune moment to illuminate the Senegalese lantern. This is the case of Malick Gackou, who finally decided to convene a meeting this afternoon, to finally lift a corner of the veil in his final position, compared to the 5 candidates selected in future elections.
El Hadji Malick Gakou has for some time launched a consultation of its political base, in this case, the departmental and communal coordinators to choose the candidate to support.
In fact, an executive secretariat meeting is even convened tonight to give the party's official position.

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