Sunday , February 28 2021

Premier League – 24th day

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Man of the Game: Maguire (7,5): In spite of its imposing size, the English international had the gift of being forgotten by the defense of the Reds. It is in this record that he came to draw even on the last occasion of the first act. He was not far from relapsing in the second half. He was very assertive behind it.

Liverpool (4-2-3-1)

Alisson (4): Not very comforting in the short game, he caused some fear to his audience.

Henderson (6): The reds face a plethora of absences and it is the captain who comes to plug the hole in the right lane. He did it very seriously.

Matip (6): Good on his ball outings and in most duels, he provided a suitable combination.

Van Dijk (4): Guilty on the Maguire goal that he forgets in the back, the Dutchman has had an absence and is rare enough to be underlined.

Robertson (5): Although still responsive, the Scotsman was a bit more clumsy than usual, including kick-free equalization for the foxes.

Wijnaldum (6): Very hardworking, it is he who more or less kept the middle of the reds.

Keita (5.5): Once again very rude, the Guinean has not scored much and will have to wait to talk about his talent. He should have had a penalty (57 & # 39;). Replaced for Fabinho (67%).

Salah (5.5): The Egyptian appeared on his legs and tried many dribbles. He unfortunately had too much trash to be really dangerous.

Shaqiri (4.5): Too sober in the game and inaccurate in the kickoff, the Swiss did not really get his game and gave way to Lallana (67%).

Mané (7): Very agitated, the Senegalese was clearly the best trump card of the reds, especially in the first period. He perfectly pitched his teammates for piercing defense and Schmeichel's bonus (2?).

Firmino (5.5): Author of two great opportunities that led Schmeichel to work (6 & # 39 ;, 74 & # 39;), the Brazilian did not stray too far from the goal. His impact on the meeting was still inconsistent. Replaced for Sturridge (82 & quot;).

Leicester (4-2-3-1)

Schmeichel (6): 2 decisive stops against Firmino and a precious point brought back from Anfield.

Ricardo Pereira (4,5): He suffered a lot in front of Mané in the first half. Regarding the game on the surface, the Portuguese made a good intervention in Salah (23 & # 39;), but probably should have been penalized with a foul foul over Keita (57 & # 39;).

Maguire (7,5): Look above.

Evans (5): Not necessarily the most inspired of Mané's goal, the former Mancunian was finally little worried afterwards.

Chilwell (7): Maguire's decisive head passer and solid backward, the young left side was very important to him.

Mendy (5,5): He is not necessarily the one who hit the most balls tonight, but he has the merit of being clean in virtually every compartment of the game.

Ndidi (6): In a genre other than Mendy's, he missed more broadcasts, but it was especially important to go to putty.

Albrighton (5): He put a surgical center on Maddison's head in the first period and that's about it. Not bad, but a little too simple in your game.

Maddison (6): With the exception of Maguire, he was probably Leicester's most dangerous player in this game. Not far from the goal of the head (25 & 39;), he has often been in the few good shaves of pitches. Replaced for Choudhury (75%).

Gray (4.5): Some accelerations seem fine to his credit, but let's especially remember his over selfishness when he forgets to serve Maddison, but ideally placed (73-39). Replaced for Okazaki (84%).

Vardy (5): He struggled to inform because of the face of the match, but it was not transparent. Replaced for Iheanacho (90%).


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