Monday , June 21 2021

Preacher accuses religious leader of marrying his wife, is lynched

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(Illustration) Touba-Mbacké: A preacher accuses a religious leader of having married his wife and is lynched

A very delicate case has polluted the environment between Touba and Mbacké since this Saturday. A famous preacher from a religious family was severely beaten by individuals. According to information received by Seneweb,

the man who lived in Mbacké was injured and was evacuated to a health post.

It would all have started with a lewd sound recording that had shaken the web a few months earlier. The preacher, through audio, had accused a dignitary and religious leader (Mbacké Mbacké) of having married his own wife. The preacher claims that he did not divorce the lady.

But after media coverage by high religious authorities, the preacher (Bousso Bousso) presented his apologies to Mbacké Mbacké based in Touba.

Against all odds, alleged followers of the accused beat the preacher before kidnapping him to take him to an unknown destination. The latter ended up escaping after strong resistance.

Injured, he was evacuated to a health center to care for him.

The facts took place this Saturday in Mbacké according to our information.

Author: Junior Diop (corresponding to Diourbel) –

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