Thursday , February 25 2021

Oops! Wanting to fix her failed tattoo, Ariana Grand made another cookie

Tattooists often say that getting a tattoo on a language you do not know is usually a bad idea. It is a blow to end a drawing that does not mean much. Ariana Grande had a bitter experience. The singer wanted a tattoo in the palm of her hand to celebrate her new single, 7 Rings. But instead of saying that, her tattoo actually meant "shichirin", the equivalent of the word"barbecue".

⋙ Ariana Grande reveals her new tattoo and becomes mocking of the web (PHOTO)

Source of provocation, despite her explanations, the young woman decided to change her tattoo to organize it a bit. She tried to modify her design thanks to her guardian of the Japanese, who offered her an alternative, adding a character. Only problem: she has not added it in the right place! Instead of putting it above her current tattoo – which would have been complicated by her position – she put it underneath.

U Thank you U: clip of Ariana Grande about to break a record

Result Your tattoo now means: "Japanese Barbecue Finger"… which does not make much more sense than"barbecue"and is still far from the meaning she wanted to give her tattoo! From now on, Ariana Grande no longer has many alternatives, or she assumes her mistake, or she will have to be removed by laser …

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