OGC Nice – Olympique Lyonnais: Match notes


During the fourth day of Ligue 1, at the end of August, Olympique Lyonnais was surprised by the OGC Nice Groupama Stadium (0-1) after holding Saint-Maximin. A little over five months later, the two teams met on Sunday night at Allianz Riviera to take revenge. Tenths before kick-off, the Aiglons had the goal of winning to make the loss against LOSC (0-4) and why not take the seventh place. On the other side, the Gones, third, had to confirm their good form and return to the three points of Lille. For this match, Patrick Vieira made a 4-3-3 with Maolida in support of duo Ganago-Saint-Maximin. Side of Lyon, Bruno Genesio was a 4-2-3-1 with a trio Traore-Fekir-Depay behind Dembele.

The Aiglons entered the game quickly and Dante played Ganago in the depths of a great opening. The Cameroonian striker fired a cross shot that Lopes went into a corner (1). The 19-year-old still had another chance after a good job of pushing Walter, but he procrastinated too much in the Lyon area (6th). The answer Rhone intervened in the direct free. Depay, however, found Benitez's gloves (8th). The Gones finally managed to leave their camp and in a corner, Marcelo forced Benitez to send the leather through a corner in front of his post (16th). The visitors pushed and Fekir still found the fault, as Traoré before (15), but the goal was again logically refused by a position of impediment (19).

Walter takes on his responsibilities

The Lyonnais assumed even more ascendancy in this first act. Often forgotten by the Aiglons on the left, Mendy set up good centers, as for Traoré, but the last shot went out by the keeper of Nice, who made a magnificent stop (26th). Benitez then saw Hérelle play in front of him to narrowly defeat a Depay cannon ball at close range (27). The Aiglons then operated with long balloons forward, but Ganago was often lonely. For his part, Depay was setting up a very removed shot (36). The two teams were always back on the break (0-0). After the break, the Gones remained offensive. From a distance, Ndombele forced Benitez to release a good (50th) clash. Depay did not fit his free kick (54th). The Eaglets were getting warmer in their camp. Traore found the small external network (57).

In the next action, Dembélé jumped higher than all and his head was deflected on the post by Hérelle (58th). But against it, the premises remained dangerous and Saint-Maximin could serve Ganago, then pushed by Ndombele on the surface. Mr. Lesage did not whistle at first, but went to see the slow motion to give a fine to the OGCN. Walter converted to the opener (68th, 1-0). To this end, the men of Patrick Vieira positioned themselves in their half of the field and the attacks of Lyon multiplied. Fekir was right, but he did not get the picture (74). Author of a big game, Benitez went to bed after an attempt by Depay, who was coming out at the bottom (80). Marcelo appeared in the following action but did not fit (80). The score remained there and OGC Nice won 1-0 against OL.

Relive the movie from the meeting on our live commented.

The man of the game: Hérelle (7,5) the former ESTAC defender was quickly frightened by a loss of ball after pressing Dembélé (16th), but the rest was more than right. Author of a rescue at Depay's feet (27), he chained the good interventions as a tackle in the area at Aouar (40th), and another at Depay as the last defender (45th). After the break, he stayed in his game and again saved his team several times ahead of Depay (56) and Dembélé (60). However, he failed to fool his own goalkeeper unintentionally against a header from Lyon striker on the post (59). Let's say, the 26-year-old was huge.

OGC Nice

- Benitez (7): The Nice keeper had a great first period with three saves. After a foul from Depay (8th), the Argentine goalkeeper remained vigilant against Marcelo (16th) before leaving to play against Traore (26th). Deciding before the interval, he was again after the break with a touch on a long chase from Ndombele (50), before seeing Gones fail in front of his goal, as Dembélé found the post (58). At the end of the match, he even saved his team with a magnificent parade in a shot of Depay (80). The last wall of Nice completed the contract!

- Burner (4): In the absence of Atal, wounded, the right side had the heavy task of containing Depay and Mendy. A mission that the 22-year-old did not succeed at all … After an interesting first climb (5th) he was indeed defensively west with many spaces left behind by the Gones. But after the locker room, he found colors, visitors throwing much less on his side. Not enough, however, to forget your first period.

- Hérelle (7,5): look above

- Dante (6): The captain of OGC Nice was precious in the recovery, with a good foot, to make some interesting openings, from the first minute to the Ganago. Offensively, he also tried his luck on the head (11). And throughout the game, the Brazilian defender did the work defensively with Hérelle, although his poor play benefited Depay (80).

- Sarr (5): holder on the left side post, the left spaces of 20 year old in Traore, which took a lot of balloons in the first period. Luckily for him, the Lyonnais wing was not always accurate. As the game progressed, however, it best contained his direct opponents.

- Walter (7): in the middle battle, number 6 in Nice was very precious. Present to make a great press, highlighting the second action of the OGCN (6th), was also very important in the re-launch, with 100% successful passes in the first act. Always important, then, he assumed his responsibilities to turn the penalty won by Ganago (68).

- Tameze (6): Just sentinel in the tactical scheme of Patrick Vieira, the player of 25 years did much work pressing and recovering. Aggressive in the good sense of the term, he admitted many mistakes, but always recovered. His departure was therefore very correct and his team mates were able to rest on him sometimes.

- Cyprien (5.5): a little less in sight than Walter or Tameze, the number 25 in Nice was very offensive at this meeting. Present to help the three offensive elements, the 24-year-old was also able to try his luck, but his curling kick ended in the gloves of Lopes (55th).

- Maolida (4): first placed at number 10 and then on the left lane, the former Olympique Lyonnais player quickly found himself on the right side. And against Mendy, he could not do much, his teammates playing more often in Saint-Maximin or in depth for Ganago. Shortly after the break, he finally entered the area, but Mr. Lesage whistled a simulation after a duel with Dubois (48). A very complicated game for Myziane, replaced by Pelican after game time (65).

- Ganago (6): Lined up at the tip of the Nice attack, the Cameroonian center tried their luck several times. If his attack shot was released by Lopes quickly (1st), the 19-year-old did not give up, but was very disconcerted (6th) before hitting a bit of a handicap (44th). Absent at the start of the second period, however, he got the penalty as he was pushed by Ndombele in the area (67). After a very interesting game, he was replaced by Jallet (74).

- Saint-Maximin (5.5): OGC Nice's wisp was once again very active in this game. Ball in the foot, he often sought to organize the game of his own, making a difference by his dribbling quality to dictate the pace. Offensively, however, he could not try his luck, but managed to serve the Ganago in the great penalty area of ​​Nice. In short, he moved a lot and ran to his teammates. Replaced by young Wade (83).

Olympique Lyonnais

- Lopes (6) : the Portuguese goalkeeper has first two stops against Ganago (1st, 6th). He also took a shot away from Cyprien (55), but was caught by Walter in penalty (68). Frustrating for the Portuguese who had a relatively quiet night.

- Dubois (5.5) : The ex-Nantais was very available in his hall, but the attacks leaned on the other side. Defensively, he was speeded up by Ganago (34) or Saint-Maximin (37, 77). A very correct game for him. Substituted for Tete (85th).

- Marcelo (6) : defender Lyon offered two opportunities in the corner (16 and 27) as well as one at the end of the game (80). Defensively, he was not too worried about the attacking opponents, as a good intervention in front of Saint-Maximin (75).

- Denayer (5) : The Belgian international began his game on the heels of Ganago (1, 6), before intervening very well at the feet of Saint-Maximin (31) and an attempt by Cyprien (82). Finally bit worried, he tried to offend with forward passes.

- Mendy (6) : the French international made a game as usual, very available and high in the field. He combined well with Depay (26) or Dembélé (27), before trying his luck with the wrong foot (40th). In the second half, in particular, was very high, but the penalty obtained by Nice comes from his side.

- Aouar (4) : the 8th Lyonnais was at the heart of the game, where he matched well with Ndombele. But he was too shy offensively to help his team score despite several good midfield balloons. Substituted for Corneta (84th), whose attempt involved went up (90 + 3).

- Ndombele (4) : The French international lost a very dangerous ball early in the game (6) before appearing in front of a sublime sequence (10). His attempt was interrupted by Benitez (49). Finally, his foul on Ganago was sanctioned with a penalty, which impairs his performance at night.

- Traoré (4) : The Burkinabais saw their goal be denied by a logical impediment of Fekir (15), before seeing Benitez save his beautiful kick from the left (26). His next attempt ended in the small net (57). He gave a lot with a lot of technical waste though. Replaced by Terrier (80th).

- Fekir (4.5) : striker Lyon started with a simulation warning (9), before being reported out of the game on Traore's goal (15). He then saw his goal denied by the same concern (18). In the second half, his kick went from side to side (74th). I was too weak to expect to find the net here tonight.

- Depay (5.5) : the Dutchman armed a first soft attack (7), before delivering a gift to Marcelo (16). Three times, he lost his attempt (27, 36, 43), still in a good position. He set up a free kick that scraped Benitez's skylight (53), before finding an umpteenth time Benitez on his way (79). By far the best striker Lyon tonight.

- Dembélé (4,5) : the strongman of the OL at this time was available at the forefront of the attack, not hesitating to descend to help Depay, Fekir or Traore. He lost his helmet at half-hour mark (27). Rebelote at the time of the game, but the post repelled the ball (58). Finally, he could not fool Benitez's vigilance tonight.


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