Thursday , October 21 2021

Officiel- List of 23 lions: Aliou Cissé dismisses Santy Ngom and Sidy Sarr


Alea is. Aliou Cissé definitely decided. It is on Tuesday after the dinner that followed the friendly defeated (7-0) against the Spanish club of the third division, Real Murcia, that the coach of the "Lions" announced to their proteges the final list of players. with which he will conquer Egypt. Of the 25 pre-selected May 31, 2019, only 23 remain after Sidy Sarr and Santy Ngom were discarded.

Almost without surprise, with information on the numbers assigned to the various players since the beginning of the course in Alicante, where Ngom and Thioub received the numbers 24 and 25.

Almost no surprises for the latter. The numbers given to the different players since the start of the course in Alicante were followed halfway: the number 24, Santy Ngom, left. On the 25th, Sada Thioub finally retrieves the 20 from Sidy Sarr, who stands on the quayside.

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