"Of the 300 people who were there, there is no one who can …"


Driver Ibrahima Ndoye, on trial for the murder of motorcycle driver Cheikh Touré, Jakarta, will wait until March 6 to build on his fate. He faced the judge this morning in Tambacounda. For his lawyer, Mr. Ousseynou Gaye, who asks for the plaintiff's release plaintiff, no witness can testify today about Ndoye's guilt.

"The circumstances of this accident raise the problem of the imputability of the facts that are now problematic, and the screenshots paid at the outset convinced everyone that they were not allowed to do so. it is Ibrahima Ndoye who is at the origin of this traffic accident.The scientific police who were very present in Tambacounda as part of this work, there is no pulpit erected in the vehicle, no blood.

"At that time, there was dust that made it impossible to see. The judges are going to have this problem of liquidating accountability, especially since Ibrahima Ndoye tells him that in defeat when the rocks are raining," Jakarta "bikes blocked the road and of the 300 people who were there, there is no one who can raise his right hand and say, "I witnessed the moment when Ibrahima Ndoye would have struck the victim," concluded the black dress .

As a reminder, prosecutor Me Sarr asked for a one-year sentence by Ibrahima Ndoye.


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