Not for my post: A big star on set, Cyril Hanouna makes a big surprise … Replay Thursday, April 18


If you lost Key Not to My Post on Wednesday, April 17th, know that Cyril Hanouna took a big shot and an old chronicler was back. Tonight, guest Alex Hepburn opens the show with a show in front of the revolted chroniclers! Baba is pleased to meet her and he hallucinates when he realizes that she speaks French very well. For his coming, the chroniclers prepared a surprise, a special song of blow. We already feel the genius of some … This is especially the case of Maxime Guény, who offers us a complicated cover of Freddy Mercury.

To continue the question, Cyril offers Alex Hepburn his famous game Darka / Rassrah and we learn that she is a fan of men who use kilts … original! Then another singer joins the set and everyone is happy to receive Chimène Badi. She arrives at the same time as Cédric Cizaire, who directly addresses the show "William at noon", which does not please Cyril you can imagine. So, Cyril Hanouna decides to make a good surprise for Chimène Badi since he brings his father on the set. This is already the end of the show, but to wait until tomorrow to discover Loana (The Villa of Broken Hearts 4) physically transformed and his new photo hallucinating


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