Ndiassane: the khalif asked the pavement of the Ndankh lane


Ndiassane (Thiès), November 27 (APS) – Caliph of Ndiassane, Serigne Sheikh Bechaye Kounta Ibn Bécaye, asked the head of state, Macky Sall, to asphalt the runway of Ndankh, a religious town located 7 km from Mékhé.

He expressed this complaint through Serigne Mame Abdourahmane Kounta, who was speaking in front of Interior Minister Aly Ngouille Ndiaye, during the official ceremony of the 2018 edition of Gamou Ndiassane, held the night of Monday to Tuesday.

According to Serigne Mame Abdourahmane Kounta, the Caliph of Ndiasane gives "special attention" to this route, remembering that his ancestor, Sheik Bounama Kounta, founder of Tarikha Khadre, lived in Ndakh, before founding the religious city of Ndiasane. Ndiassane.

He stressed that the paving of the Ndankh trail is one of the first projects that the religious guide hopes to achieve at the beginning of his caliphate.

Serigne Abdourahmane Kounta said he hoped that this road would be "before the great gathering of the faithful in Ndankh," which he plans to organize soon.

He indicated that the state of health of the latter "does not allow him to go there" with the current state of the lane.


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