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Naomi Campbell denounces the "caution noire" – Rewmi

If Naomi Campbell is a mannequin with more than one man, she is a woman who usually suffers from these debuts on the podiums. In an interview according to the Wall Street Journal, the top spot for the diversion of the way.

Debut of the 90s, fifty mannequins are the stars of the podium. By Gianni Versace's muses, most notably the sublime Carla Bruni, Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford and Helena Christensen. Devenue for a Supermodel, the 49-year-old woman with a garment pouring a souvenir of these premier years before the milieu and three sect. Et pour cause, it soutient avoir service “caution noire”In an industry that has diversified manquait.

You have a poor feeling for your mannequin noir a 70 mannequin deficit"

Once again, for the sake of his arrival in the poche, Naomi Campbell, along with a never-ending coup de gueule lors dune interview according to the Wall Street Journal: “So you have to be cautioned and have a poor sentiment for your mannequin in a deficit of 70 mannequins. C'était uncomfortable, je n'ai pas aiméça. But if you already refuse, I don't know in aurait" If there are certain couleur tops with no backlashes for the big couturiers for the beauty and non pasur for the “caution noire”, Naomi Campbell deplores the fact that certain marques continuent d'embaucher toujours les mémes filles qui resemblent.

The top of 49 years old saw me plus loin in explaining that the entrepreness devraient integré plus de “visions of diversity”:“I'm not going to go to the plaindre.

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