Nanny: Philipe Lacheau returns to TV on TF1 channel


The hit movie Babysitting that made known to the general public the band for Fifi is broadcasted tonight on TF1. Launched in 2014, Philippe Lacheau and his team have come a long way with films that are always more anticipated than others. After Babysitting 2, Bride me my buddy, and recently Nicky Larson, they overflow from creativity and chain projects.

A nanny we would like to have

Philipe Lacheau takes on the role of nanny in her first big screen movie. His film is quickly box office number 1 and has won the French public. In the American way, the plot is crazy and totally unexpected with every bounce.

He plays the role of Franck, a receptionist for the Schaudel company and has a dream of becoming a cartoonist. One day he decided to take the step to show his models to his CEO Marc Schaudel. It's unpleasant and it does not matter to Franck and his drawings. The appointment is inconclusive, since Marc Schaudel finds himself pressed for time and must interrupt the interview.

On the same night he is preparing a party for Franck's birthday to celebrate his 30th birthday with his friends Sam and Alex. But the young man finds himself in a dead end and is forced to keep his boss's son. The relationship is tense between Franck and Remy, son of Marc Schaudel, the boy takes advantage of the situation and claims what he wants under the pretext of accusing the sitter of playing.

A night that turns into a nightmare

Last night, Remy's parents are awoken by police over a phone call announcing the disappearance of the baby and the nanny. Quickly back home, they discover a video recap of the night. We discovered that Franck's friends came to him to celebrate his birthday. Totally unknown guests come to the event and the party quickly becomes unmanageable. Many excesses and twists will test Franck and his friends who must find the missing little Remy.

Much more than a comedy, the film is a real lesson and demonstrates a message taken from a son who does not have a fatherly presence and a fusion relationship between father and son.

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