Morocco: Young Entrepreneurs next to FIAD


The Young Entrepreneurs Awards, under the auspices of the Al Mada Foundation, were awarded on March 15, 2019, under the chairmanship of Hassan Ouriagli, President of Al Mada – Positive Impact – at the 6th International Forum for the Development of Africa (Fiad).

Selected by a jury of highly qualified personalities, these Trophies honor the participants of the first international hacktec bank, Fintech, Attijariwafa, which took place on April 5.
large world capitals (Abidjan, Casablanca, Dakar, Paris and Tunis).
The 3 young entrepreneurs and start-ups who won the Trophies are:

• 1st Prize: Smart Prospective – Oussama Abbou (Casablanca and Paris)
Smart Prospective provides all businesses with business surfaces with a platform to manage the display of their screens remotely from the Internet (SaaS). The integrated premium solution
Artificial Intelligence also allows real-time content adaptation to passers-by according to their characteristics (age, gender, mood, dress style, etc.).

• 2nd prize: SmartOn from Via Canvas – Yassine Es Saïd (Casablanca)

The SmartOn solution is a platform for managing and analyzing connected objects, which is:
• multi-connectivity and multisectoral;
• open to the integration of most connected objects in the market;
• open to the integration of augmented reality (RA) and virtual reality (VR), as well as dynamic 2D and 3D plans;
• fully customizable without specific technical knowledge;
• Interfaceable to other business solutions.

• 3rd prize: Bassite – Gaelle Egdibi (Smart Up 2017 – Casablanca)

Bassite offers solutions that integrate the conversational interaction between the customer and the brand, allowing the brand to be closer (social media and messages), more authentic, more available (24/7), to speak the language of the customer. customer and get to know you better. Bassite combines brand knowledge and artificial intelligence to develop more human and personalized conversation interfaces, closer to the needs of each individual. Bassite transforms collected data through Machine Learning to find intelligent models.
Favorite of the jury:
• Alz-e – Ayoub Rahoui (Tunis)

Alz-e is a mobile application that consists of a custom talk assistant for people with Alzheimer's disease (causing memory, thinking and behavior problems). it is
Chatbot is an active companion that keeps the user engaged and connected.

Mr Hassan Ouriagli, Executive Director of Al Mada, stated that the Al Mada Foundation attaches great importance to the entrepreneurial spirit and intends to multiply initiatives favorable to entrepreneurship. "For the Al Mada Foundation, the awareness of entrepreneurship among young people is part of their vision of sustainable social and environmental responsibility – because
entrepreneurs are women and men on the ground, linked to their territories, who identify expectations, provide solutions and respond to needs. "
Mr. Ouriagli adds, "The Young Entrepreneurs Awards also reflect Al Mada's pan-African vision. Africa must rely on Africa and these Trophies, which reward projects born in Africa.
Africa, carried by young Africans, is the demonstration. We can rely on African and African youth to respond to the challenges they face. "
Osama Abu, 1st Prize, says: "It's really amazing, I did not think I was making such a prestigious jury, I left Morocco a few years ago – and now I think I can go back to that."
The first three prizes were funded respectively with 100,000, 50,000 and 25,000 dirhams. Hassan Ouriagli, president of Al Mada, also affirmed the commitment of the pan-African private investment fund that he presides over " […] accompany these "young shoots" in their decisions to help them reach their markets, reach a critical size, deepen their designs, perpetuate them. "" We'll be by your side, "he said.

A jury at the time

The qualified personalities, members of the Jury, who selected the winners of these Trophies are:
• Karim Chbani – Investment Manager – Al Mada
• Reda Berrehili – Serial Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO – Ki Foundation
• Samir Abdelkrim – Technical reporter Le Monde / Les Echos – Founder of Startups BRICS and Emerging Valley Author of "Start up Lions Africa"
• Harry Tomi Davies – President – African Business Angels Network – Nigeria
• Mehdi Alaoui – CEO & Founder The Factory & ScreenDy President of Com. CGEM Economy and NBIC
• Aaron Fu – Managing Director MEST Africa – Ghana
• Kenza Lahlou – Founder and Managing Partner Outlierz Ventures Morocco Egypt Nigeria South Africa
• Fouad Chaguer – DG Attijari Invest

About Al Mada Foundation

Culture, Education, Entrepreneurship, the actions of the Al Mada Foundation implement in African society its vision of sustainable social and environmental responsibility. The Young Entrepreneur Trophies are part of this desire to support concrete actions
the emergence of young talent in the pan-African economic scenario. It results in a triple – financial, advisory, but also contractual monitoring within the Al Mada participations that will bring the
as the necessary sustainable basis for the development of award-winning companies.


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