Thursday , June 24 2021

Miss France 2021: who is Séphorah Azur, Miss Martinique?

During the next election for Miss France, scheduled for December 12 in Puy du Fou (Vendée), the island of Martinique will be represented by Séphorah Azur, a 23-year-old student.

Named Saturday, October 24, among six postulants to wear the Martinican crown, the young, 1.79 m, is from the city of Schoelcher, located in the center of the island, not far from the capital Fort-de. -France.

Séphorah Azur has a bachelor’s degree in literature and is currently in the 3rd year of psychology leave. She is still hesitant about following up on studies, between becoming a child psychologist or working with the authorities responsible for immigration, according to the website of the international channel La Première.

“I had the opportunity to see with my own eyes that not everyone is so lucky, so I would like you to be elected Miss Martinique, and even if you are not, the power of my little person, as much as possible, to help those who have not had the chance to have a loving family, a family that is with her and that supports her on a daily basis. So my project will be around children in difficulty, ”she said, according to Closer.

This is a great consecration for Séphorah Azur, after finishing first in the Miss Martinique competition last year. She succeeds Ambre Bozza, who represented the island in 2019. Recently, she was at the center of a controversy about the functioning of her delegation.

Just before the contest, Séphorah Azur posted a photo on Instagram accompanied by a moving message: “If you told me, at 6, that you were going to participate in the Miss Martinique contest, you would never have believed it. . If I had heard that, moreover, I would persevere to achieve my goal, I would have been speechless! I went from being super shy to a young woman who bets, I will give everything tonight to be proud ”.

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