Michael Jackson is the dcd artist who is looking for the most money


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As of 2009, Michael Jackson is more popular than ever: the "Thriller" interpreter is at the center of discussions with a Paris exhibition ("On the Wall") and a musical project. And this passion is financially perceptible: this is the report Forbes the annual ranking of the best artists who are the biggest profits. Of the 13 names there are no less than six singers, and it's no surprise that King Pop takes the first place for the fifth consecutive year! And between 2017 and 2018, with a staggering 400 million dollars. If this figure is high, this is largely due to EMI Publishing's 100-share trading, due to the modest $ 287 million. Behind Michael, we find another "king": Elvis Presley "only" $ 40 million, continuously sold by albums (Millions per year), especially Graceland's revenue and a new complex Elvis Presley's Memphis, featuring more mulps .

The surprise is in the rankings

The ranking is fifth, Bob Marley not the music, but the commercialization of headphones and Marley Natural, a brand that connects cannabis. Your business allows the "Get Up Stand Up" interpreter to generate $ 23 million. The Kings After the Prince: The Minneapolis Kid is ranked ninth with a $ 13 million profit, which is sold over 250,000 records this year by artist classics and indie "Piano And Microphone 1983" in September. Behind it, a million dollars less, John Lennon is ranked 10th in the ranking, which sells two million records a year, individual or Beatles. Next year, the number must be significantly increased by making a film about the love story between Beatle and Yoko Ono.

Finally, the last singer of the rankings is surprising because XXXTentacion sits in 11th place. Assassin last June, the rapper still produced $ 11 million in three months with a 4 billion streaming cost on every platform. Forbes tell me not a dead musician (and very few live) made as many streams as XXXTentacion this year . Success is as fast as amazing when you know the controversy surrounding the rapper. In the rest of the non-musical positions, Marilyn Monroe and Muhammad Ali, or even more surprisingly, are the famous founder of Playboy magazine Arnold Palmer and Hugh Hefner.

List of most Dcds artists making money

1. Michael Jackson – Singer ($ 400 million)
2. Elvis Presley – Singer ($ 40 million)
3. Arnold Palmer – Golfer ($ 35 million)
4. Charles Schulz – Cartoonist ($ 34 million)
5th Bob Marley – singer ($ 23 million)
6. Dr. Seuss – Illustrator ($ 16 million)
7. Hugh Hefner – Founder of Playboy ($ 15 million)
8. Marilyn Monroe – actor ($ 14 million)
9. Prince singer ($ 13 million)
10. John Lennon – Singer ($ 12 million)
11. XXXTentacion – singer ($ 11 million)
12. Muhammad Ali – boxer ($ 8 million)
13. Bettie Page – model ($ 7 million)


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