ME PRESIDENT – Idrissa Seck, Idy2019 candidate: "My biggest project is the water issue"


As he strolled through Orange on the streets of Thienaba Station, the leader of the Idy2019 coalition wanted to send a message to the people who demanded water. "The biggest job of my program is to get you out of the hell of the water shortage when you enter the Supreme Judicial Branch, because water is the basis of life, and here in ThiƩnaba, this is the top priority," said Rewmi. As such, Idrissa Seck asked the people of the Amary Ndack Seck religious community to "punish" the outgoing President and his staff. In addition to the message, he thanked the leaders of his coalition for hosting: "I believe that with this strong mobilization, we will guarantee victory in the first round."
After ThiƩnaba, the coalition caravan idy2019 left for Khombole. There too, he was greeted with great fanfare by the people who went out in mass to show their sympathy. An opportunity for the former mayor of Thies to attack the outgoing president: "He promised billions and projects for the Senegalese, but did not honor his commitments.When I arrived in Khombole, the first people I met said that this city is the most brought by Macky He promised 9 projects for Khombolois that he did not execute. "He continues:" The priority is not force and ailiangal, but to solve the problems of the Senegalese who suffer in their flesh. because of the education of their children, youth unemployment, poor health system. " With this he asked the people of Khombole to "solve the Macky affair" in the first round to "straighten the country with our coalition which is made up of all the significant political class of Senegal."
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