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PMU: Find out our quarter of prognosis at the Guy Lux Prix, which will be played on Thursday at the Paris Vincennes racetrack

The prognostic quintet (UGP) by Michel Pons

It is Vincennes again who receives us this Thursday by a Quinté reserved for females and played in the 2700m of the Great Court. They are just in the beginning to start from the same level. The European label of the test is worth to us the presence of some foreigners who are among the less rich of the lot, but that should not be neglected until now, in spite of the selectivity of the course proposed. We will not hesitate to keep them, even if our preference goes to the CONTREE D 'ERABLE who find advantageous race conditions and a course in which she won well in December at 1 & 13; 13 throughout the course. Attention also to the 2 GOOP pensioners, TOOLTIME will benefit from the drive of their mentor and WELL DONE LA MARC will know to show that they are still late for the moment!

The base:
It was bad last time, but in his defense, he had to make the distance in the 2850m of this Great Track. It will not be the case this time and she will remember that she had picked up a Quinté at the exit in December, trotting at 1 & # 39; 13 in this course. It is imperative to redeem this time.

The Outsider TQQ:
He is by far the least rich of the lot and still 8 years old. She's still a Ready Cash girl who has a bit of quality. She has now held two warm-up races since August and her last participation in 1 & # 39; & # 39; & # 39; 6 in this course is encouraging. Distrust because your mentor believes it.

Second active of Bjorn GOOP in this Quinté, she is 9 years old and is one of the least rich of the lot and still is the choice of the impulse of its mentor. She trotted 1 & # 39; 13 for her debut in this course in December to finally finish 3rd. Do not neglect because it was pointed to.

Third foreigner at the beginning of this European Quinté, this girl from Varenne has 2 legs in her legs in Vincennes at this meeting. So it is logical to expect great progress this time because it proved last winter that it was competitive at this level on this route. She was prepared to.

She has just been unhappy at Helen Johansson, as she promised herself formidable after having found time to find the opening. Eric RAFFIN takes him back and his disqualification allows him to benefit from a good compromise at a time when she should know how to redeem herself. Better get it back.

She has not been able to win since April 2017. That does not stop her from staying regular and looking good in those courses that require dress. She's ideally committed to the earnings ceiling and, with the grumpy JMB, she'll have to deal with it for places in this Quinté. We still have her for a place.

It seems very intermittent and when it was thought back to the best, it was pointed out the last time to the beginning and still showed a character to remove quickly. She has a good commitment to the elders, but it will still be a matter of goodwill. Let us distrust Alexander with the sullen.

BIGEON begins to return well after their health problems that made them miss the start of this winter meeting in Vincennes. We know the quality of this Kool du Caux girl, but she may need this rush to replay the conversation on that level. Better put it at the end of the combo this time.

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