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Mamadou Dia-Senghor: El Hadji Mansour Mbaye tells the crisis of 1962 •

It was Christmas Eve. On December 17, 1962, political crisis between Mamadou Dia and Léopold Sedar Senghor. El Hadji Mansour Mbaye plunges us into this crisis that ended a duet. This step also marks the end of the two-headed parliamentary system (the type of the fourth republic and established since the creation of the Malian federation) and the beginning of a presidential regime in which the Ups (the political party of Léopold Sédar Senghor) will become single part until 1976.

"It was a Friday day." Mamadou Dia was in Goree and bed for an illness, when the deputies decided to vote a motion of censure that would fire him.Reported, Day was categorically opposed and went to Rufisque to claim primacy On Monday, December 17, 1962, the National Assembly Bureau decided to vote on the motion. Ibrahima Sarr, who was then the representative of the governor of the Assembly, informed Mamadou Dia and the latter called Babacar Ba, who was his office director to go to the building, at age 9.and floor. Senghor returned to the palace, Mamadou Dia ordered Colonel Tafsir to evacuate the deputies from the Chamber and Lamine Gueye, who was its president, transformed his house located on the Boulevard de la Republique in an assembly where he invited the elected representatives of the people.

The motion of censure was voted on. The law passes, almost unanimously, 47 votes. Mamadou Day is arrested as well as Ibrahima Sarr, Joseph Mbaye and Alioune Tall. They will be transferred to Kedougou prison. Members who voted for the censure motion could not return to their bases, knowing that they will no longer be re-elected. This is where we can say that Dia made a coup and not a coup saying that deputies would not vote for the law.

The collapse of the Mali Federation

Mali leaders who did not want Senghor as president proposed Lamine Guèye for their religious affiliation (Islam). And Day objected, arguing that if Senghor were not president, the federation would burst, and French Foreign Minister Jacky was in St. Louis at the time. The Territorial Assembly voted to transfer the capital to Dakar. The latter, a socialist like Lamine Gueye, opposed the transfer. Mamadou Dia has informed Jacky since the law was passed by the Territorial Assembly, he did not have to interfere in the internal affairs of a country. But what Senghor could do was Mamadou Dia who applied it.

And Macky noticed an error

But the truth has just been restored thanks to the President of the Republic, Guardian of the Constitution, His Excellency Macky Sall, baptizing the administrative building Mamadou Dia. The latter, who was a hero in the political history of Senegal, did not deserve to be imprisoned with his comrades. I, El Hadj Mansour Mbaye, President of Traditional Communicators, asks President Macky Sall to baptize a Regional Express Train station on behalf of former railway worker Ibrahima Sarr. "

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