Madonna will sing for Eurovision 2019 in Tel Aviv


On May 18, Tel Aviv, Israel, will host the Eurovision Song Contest 2019. To ensure an excellent promotion of her return to the ferries, the legendary Madonna insisted on singing on the stage as a guest of the evening.

Madonna's return is profiling little by little! The singer recorded her next album in Portugal, in Lisbon. To celebrate this great comeback, she will sing at Eurovision 2019 on May 18. Israeli media said the star "should sign the contract in the next few days." The newspaper says that Madonna is asking for an astronomical seal of 1.3 million euros to perform the show of two songs on the stage of the Tel Aviv Expo. The Costs of Coming madonna for Eurovision will be supported by the billionaire Sylvan Adams.

According to the daily Israel Hayom, the coming of madonna is well and truly confirmed. There were several obstacles during the negotiations, because the new title that the Queen of Pop wanted to sing would contain political aspects, which was disputed by the European Broadcasting Union responsible for Eurovision.


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