Local visits and musical entertainment as weapons of seduction in Louga


Louga, February 5 (APS) – Louga commune is vibrating since Sunday in the wake of the presidential election campaign on February 24, with its proximity and musical entertainment menu.

Representatives of the five different candidates in the race multiplied the proximity visits to the populations and religious leaders, plunging the capital of Ndiambour into the atmosphere of the election campaign.

If they do not go door to door, they spend most of their time holding musical entertainment sessions just to get voters to marry their candidates' positions.

It is therefore not uncommon to find groups of men and women dressed in the effigy of the five protagonists of the presidential election to take part in their candidate's activities in every corner.

And cars and cars displaying the candidates' posters cross the streets and alleys of the city all day long.

The day after the visit of its candidate Macky Sall in Louga, for example, the coalition Benno Bokk Yaakaar (BBY, presidential movement) continues to mobilize more.

And she does not intend to stop so well even after the reception she gave him on Monday.

The avenue of the station where the meeting of candidate Sall took place actually refused the world, invaded by hundreds of militants. Macky Sall T-shirts, caps, signs and banners and local coalition officials floated throughout the ceremony.

In Louga, there are many leaders supporting the outgoing president's candidacy. Among them are Livestock Minister Aminata Mbengue Ndiaye, Minister of Industry Moustapha Diop, county electoral committee chairman Mberry Sylla, domain director Mamadou Mamour Diallo and the general manager of the small blue train (PTB). Boun Khatab Sylla.

According to Merry Sylla, Benno Bokk Yaakar is mobilized as a whole to "harmonize and organize" local visits and gatherings around the theme: "The achievements of President Macky Sall."

However, each leader is also organized in its sphere for the re-election of the outgoing president, he says.

Representatives of the Unity and Rally Party (PUR, opposition) also multiply local visits to religious leaders and people, awaiting the holding of the community meeting on Wednesday.

A similar program will be held in the 17 other communes in the region until the arrival on February 14 of El Hadj Sall, said El Hadj Issa Sall, leader of the PUR, in the capital of Ndiambour, St. Louis.

Meanwhile, he will organize a caravan that will pass through Sakkal, 27 km from Louga.

Candidate Idrissa Seck of the "Idy2019" coalition is expected in Louga on 15 February.

Like other political leaders, their supporters are increasing the number of local visits in the outlying districts and are working on setting up their electoral committee.

As for the leaders of the Senegalese Patriot Party for Ousmane Sonko's work, ethics and fraternity (PASTEF), they organized on Tuesday a caravan which, from its headquarters, inspected the streets of the city.

A tea debate to explain your candidate's program will put an end to this activity. Ousmane Sonko is expected in Louga on February 7.

Proponents of the coalition candidate "Madické 2019" are not left behind. They also started a caravan through the Louga city arteries to try to persuade Lougatois voters to vote for Madické Niang.


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