Liverpool: Messi uses Barça, video summary


Barcelona - Liverpool: Messi uses Barça, video summary

BARCELONA RESULTS – LIVERPOOL – Messi put Barça away from home thanks to an advantage (3-0) in the first leg of the Champions League semi-final against Liverpool. Check out the game summary and video goals.

23:34 – Barcelona made the most difficult

FC Barcelona knew they had to make a difference in the first leg before going to Anfield next Tuesday for the return of the semi-final. However, it is the Reds who start this encounter better, despite the absence of Firmino, finally replacing (adductor). The start of the match is favored by the English, but Ter Stegen always responds by the least opportunity for the men of Klopp. Malmos, Barça still have the advantage, thanks to former Liverpool player Luis Suarez, the perfect time to distort the company for Van Dijk (1-0, 26) to register their first goal of the season in the Champions League. champions. The Reds will have full control of the match after the lockout, but they will never be able to fool Stegen, who is on goal. Lionel Messi, unsustainable from the kick-off, will have only one chance to score blaugrana's second goal by beating Luis Suarez on the scoreboard (2-0, 75) before letting his genius speak a few minutes later in a free kick (3-0, 82nd). Despite several great opportunities for Barca at the end of the game, the score will not be changed. 3-0, the mass seems to be said, but it will still be necessary for Barca not to shake Anfield, who will only wait for it.

23:25 – The video summary of this meeting!

Relive the highlights and goals in a complete summary of this Champions League semi-final between Barcelona and Barcelona, ​​which took place on Wednesday night in Catalunya (3-0).

23:15 – The brilliant shot of Messi on video

Lionel Messi scored his eighth free kick of the season tonight, proving, if necessary, that this goal is far from being a fluke for the Argentine. Power, precision, time … everything is there! Find this splendid free kick video.

23:10 – Messi took care of everything

Lionel Messi announced earlier this season, the Champions League was his priority goal this season. The Argentinian returned to tonight and, despite never having scored against Liverpool in the Champions League, he scored an excellent double in the second period to give Blaugrana three goals before the second match. . This is his 11th goal in 9 league games this season and his 600th in the Catalan club since his professional debut in 2005.

23:05 – Barcelona have one foot in the final

Moved, manipulated for long periods in this period, Barça are, however, in an ideal position after this semifinal to qualify for the final of the Champions League thanks to this great success (3-0). It will be necessary for the Catalans to resist even so during the return match, next Tuesday to Anfield, to rise to the final on 1 June in Madrid.

22:59 – ⏰ THE END OF THE GAME! Barça is widely needed (3-0)!

In a last chance lost by the incredible Dembélé, finished in Camp Nou for this half-final between Barça and the Red ones! Barcelona prevail against the English (3-0) thanks to the goals of Luis Suarez (26) and a splendid double Lionel Messi after (75 and 82).

22h55 – Double exchange for Barca

Ernesto Valverde makes a double change in these last moments. Ousmane Dembélé and Carles Alena enter the scene in place of Luis Suarez and Roberto Sergi.

22:52 Five minutes of extra time

Kuipers gives five minutes more in the second period between Barça and Liverpool. The Reds will try everything in these last moments.

22:51 – Liverpool: Origi replaced Milner

Shortly after Messi's free-kick, Jürgen Klopp kicked Divock Origi in place of James Milner on the field to score in the final moments.

22:49 – Jordi Alba receives a yellow

Jordi Alba is collecting a yellow card for a bit of a little extra time to play a touch on his side. A few seconds earlier, Luis Suarez had also collected a box, for all his work.

22:46 – Salah finds the post!

Liverpool is unsuccessful at the end of the game! Rakitic miraculously saves in his line in a shot crossed by Firmino, before Salah, who followed, does not see his hits of success being sent back by the post. The Egyptian was alone six meters away …

22:45 – ⚽ OBJECTIVE! Free from Messi's master (3-0)!

Lionel Messi does justice to himself and sends the ball to poor Alisson's window, which can not do anything about this masterpiece! 3-0 for Barcelona, ​​Liverpool collapses.

22:43 – Liverpool: Fabinho collects a yellow card

Fabinho makes a new mistake in Lionel Messi 25 meters going gently, shoulder in Argentina. He receives a yellow card and offers a well-placed free kick in Messi, especially.

22:41 – Liverpool: Firmino comes into play

Jürgen Klopp decides to make a first change at the end of the game. Wijnaldum gives place to Roberto Firmino in the forefront of the English attack.

22:38 – ⚽ GOL! Messi makes the difference (2-0)!

Barça is incredibly realistic and doubles the game in this game! Messi reaches the full axis and resists three players, then plays Sergi Roberto on the surface that changes Suarez to his left. The Uruguayan resumes but the ball falls on the crossbar … before falling again at the feet of Messi, who can end with the empty goal. 2-0 for Barça!



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