Less sweet chocolates? With fibers? What better way to choose them to break without complex (video)


Who says Easter says chocolate. It's the same thing every year, except that today we tend to turn more and more to less sweet chocolates. Consumers pay attention to their health. The manufacturers have therefore decided to adapt to this new demand.

In Braine-le-Comte, the chocolate maker Thibaut Legast wants to work for the taste, the chocolate … And not the sugar. In its milk version, there is 20% less sugar than the standard recipe. A new approach for four years.

"We really feel that there is a kind of renovation. People are becoming aware and wanting less and less sugar. It can also be in candies as in tablets. And it's true that we tried to direct our chocolate to something more chocolate and less sweet"explains Thibaut Legast.

Chocolate Fiber

The hand is lighter with cane sugar, not to mask the taste of chocolate. This should happen as soon as you choose cocoa. The artisan selects more fruity grains. "What is complicated is to look for grains that do not put too much sugar in the chocolate. Beans coming from Latin America, Madagascar or some countries that work well beans, which give a sweet bean, for a sweet chocolate, without sugar, or rather, with little sugar"says another artisan, Patricia Forero.

The industry also understood that. In this Wieze lab, this chocolate has 30% less sugar. Most surprisingly, the chocolate maker added dietary fiber from chicory or beet. This is to combat the undesirable effects of some sweeteners.

"It should be used sparingly because if you take too much, it can give a laxative effect. So we have a solution for this: we use a little sweetener in combination with fiber"says Leen Allegaert, Director of Research and Development at Barry Callebaut.

No sugar, but with Stevia, or sweetener … Reducing sugar has become a priority for some brands. This market is growing, especially since the last two years.

"We actually see that there is a 5% increase in the segment of products without sugar or with a reduced sugar content. So there is really a consumer interest in this type of product. That's why we invested a lot of resources in this research"says Korneel Warlop, a spokesman for Barry Callebaut.

Attention to fat

In terms of health, limiting sugar consumption is undoubtedly a good thing. For nutritionists, we must also guarantee another parameter: fat.

Hélène Lejeune, president of the Professional Union of French-Speaking Dietitians, puts things in order: "Chocolate, whether sweet or not, is still a very high calorie food. It's a food treat. The higher the cocoa content, the higher the fat content. We should be careful about the fat content of cocoa and chocolate in general. Especially since the fats contained in chocolate are saturated fats, ie fats that are not very recommended".

The advice of nutritionists is above all to get rid of the sweet taste. Produce healthier chocolates with so much taste … This is the goal of artisans and manufacturers looking for new balances.


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