Friday , February 26 2021

"Lendsdorf Witnesses" by Amichai Greenberg awarded at Pessac History Film Festival

Israeli-born filmmaker Amichai Greenberg tells the story of Yoel, an Orthodox Jewish historian responsible for preserving the sites of the Holocaust memorial. For years he has been investigating a massacre allegedly taking place in the village of Lendsdorf, Austria, at the twilight of World War II.

The public award goes to "Ballon" by German Michael Bully Herbig. In 1979, in the middle of the Cold War, two families from East Germany dreamed of moving to the West. They plan to build a balloon and fly over the border. An incredible story, inspired by a true story.

In the category "unpublished documentaries", the jury prize returns to "The man we love the most" by Swiss director Danielle Jaeggi. The documentary portrays, through the very touching portrait of his father and best friend, the fate of thousands of activists who believed in communist idealism.

"The Lendsdorf Witnesses" by Amichai Greenberg, the trailer

From Blackfeet to Ernst Jünger

French journalist and documentary filmmaker Jean-François Delassus received the public award of "Les Pieds-noirs d & # 39; Algérie".

"Ernst Jünger in the Great War", by François Lagarde, received the jury prize of the city of Pessac. The jury awarded a film that braided for three and a half hours the autobiographical story of the German writer Ernst Jünger, an exceptional historical document that chronicles everyday life in the hell of the trenches.

Finally, Jean-Pierre Andrevon is the Laureate of the Price of the history book of the cinema by his Encyclopedia of the war with the cinema and the television (editions Vendémiaire, 2018). The book is a comprehensive view of the war film, following a historical chronology of antiquity for the Korean War in the early 1950s.

The international festival of Pessac will dedicate its next edition on the occasion of its thirtieth anniversary in Latin America.

"The Balloon" by Michael Bully Herbig, the trailer

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