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Invited to speak Monday at a press conference on the eve of PSG's game in Naples in the Champions League (9 pm), Thomas Tuchel expressed confidence in his team. Although he is very cautious with his opponent.

Thomas Tuchel, why did you choose to train in Paris instead of Naples?

We played Friday against Lille, there is the possibility of training on Saturday and we decided to give a day off on Sunday. So it was better to train on Monday morning, that's why we're here just to feel the ground.

Xavi paid tribute to the physical qualities of Kylian Mbappé, but felt that he was not yet mature in football. Do you agree with him?

It's normal that he can improve, he's 19 years old. But at his age, he is incredible. He is already one of the best players in the world and will be the best. Xavi is right, he needs to improve in all areas.

What should you beware first of Naples?

It's a very strong collective team. The spaces are closed. She has been playing together for several years, there are many automatisms in her game, they are always dangerous with their individual qualities in attack. They are very disciplined in defense. It's a big challenge. We are in the interim, we want to win the direct confrontation with Naples. We have to play at our maximum level, it's clear to me. We are confident because we played very well in Marseille, with a lot of personality and with many qualities against Lille. We feel that we are ready.

Tuchel: "We have no doubts, but it's a big challenge"

Are you more sure or in doubt than before your first match?

We have no doubt, but it is a great challenge. In the first game, 2-2 was a logical result. We can play better, we have to do it. For 30 minutes in the first period, we were not at our level. But there is no doubt, we showed a great reaction in Marseille and we made a match against Lille.

If you had the choice, which player would you take from the Napoli team?

I'm not talking about players from another team on the eve of a match, that would create a lot of confusion and I do not want it.

Where is the situation with Marco Verratti after his incident last week?

Marco made a mistake, it was a bit difficult at night. But he was in all training, at the top level, and he made a great game against Lille. He's young, he's 26 years old today. It is not professional, but it is not much and is forgotten.

Tuchel: "There's no need to take too many risks"

How does the presence of Gianluigi Buffon and Thiago Silva with you change the game?

It is very important that they are with us. Gigi will play here, he knows the stadium, the atmosphere, Naples. His personality is important in the locker room and he is a true champion, a legend, who helps us a lot. Thiago is our captain. He is super professional and has personality that will be needed tomorrow night.

Is it from your experience that you chose to headline Buffon for this meeting?

We also rely on Alphonse. But Gigi can now play in the Champions League. It is a mark of respect for Gigi, we played in Italy against Naples, and it was clear to us that he deserved to play here, that he is not in the bank for a match like that. I am very proud to have two guardians like Gigi and Alphonse, both are incredible, with extraordinary qualities and great personalities. Gigi accepts Alphonse and it is necessary to improve Alphonse, he is used to it. Alphonse has a lot of respect for Gigi. Your relationship is incredible and that's all a coach wants.

Is it possible for you to line up your four offensive players?

We played in two systems against Naples, it was different against Marseille and Lille. It is always possible to play with all four, but it is also difficult not to lose the structure. It is not necessary to take many risks, but we will try to win the duel. I want us to play with confidence, aggressively, that's our style.

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