Saturday , October 23 2021

Last minute – Dossiers Pétrotim, IGE, Coud and Fallou Séne: the promoter comes into action


The Prosecutor's Office will be in front, tomorrow, Wednesday, June 11, 2019. Serigne Bassirou Gueye will face the press, to address a number of topics. According to information from iRadio, the prosecutor will look for a number of sensitive files, especially the debates in the last few days: the Petro Tim dossier and the Oil and Gas management. In this regard, everyone involved must be heard, including his brother the President of the Republic, Aliou Sall, the former Minister of Energy and Mines, today in the Interior, Aly Ngouille Ndiaye, opponents Abdoul Mbaye, Mamadou Lamine Diallo, former CEO of Petrosen, among others.

According to our information, Serigne Bassirou Guèye will also take stock of the GSE research, whose report for October 2012 is in the public square for a few days. As such, personalities such as Nafy Ngom Keita, former patron of the State Inspectorate General, could be targeted.

Another issue on which the promoter should be expected, of the OFNAC survey on the management of the Dakar University Academic Center (COUD), by the current Minister of Higher Education Cheikh Oumar Hann, then Director General of COUD.

To remain in the academic world, but taking a tour of Saint-Louis, the prosecutor will undoubtedly address the issue of the evolution of the investigation into the death of the student Failed Sene. A way of responding to an old complaint from his UGB counterparts, who did not stop shouting their weariness with the slowness of the process, more than a year after the death of Fallou Sène, May 15, 2018.


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