Keita Baldé in the footsteps of Cancelo and Rafinha – Mercato


At the end of the season, Inter will have to pay more attention to their record, to stay on the nails of UEFA. The consequence will be direct to one of the many players currently lent to Beneamata.

If by Matteo Politano, Inter has already taken the decision to repurchase as a result of their good performances, the speech is totally different for Keita Baldé, who during those early months in Milan failed to convince, despite the fact that he is regularly lined up in the field.


according Tuttosport : "Unless an explosion of its performance in Milan, Keita will find it difficult to buy in Monaco for the sum of 34 million euros. Senegalese should be the last victim of the curing of the regime imposed by the UEFA Voluntary Agreement. In fact, it is more than likely that the latter will follow the same path as Rafinha and Cancelo, "abandoned" by Inter.


Indeed, Luciano Spalletti again in a pre-game conference: "There are conditions to respect the club and it is good to respect them."

It's hoped he will not evolve into Ligue 2 …

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