Inna lilahi wa ina ilayhi rajioun, Sokhna Faty Sheikh Awa Balla Mbacked recalled to God


Sunubuzz learned the sad news in the early afternoon of Tuesday, March 26, 2019. Mokyo made a bow.

Who is Serigne Cheikh Awa Balla Mbacké?

Serigne Sheikh Awa Balla was the younger brother of Serigne Modou Awa Balla, the eldest son of Mame Thierno Birahim Mbacké, "true lieutenant of Sheik Ahmadou Bamba" (see Ahmadou Bamba against the colonial authorities of Oumar Ba). His mother Sokhna Awa Balla Diop is the daughter of Mayipe Awa Balla Diop of Coki. Mayipe Awa Balla being the brother of Madou Mame, both children of Ndiaga Issa Dièye. Recall that Madou Mame is the father of Sokhna Fatou Madou Mame, mother of Saint Serigne Bassirou Mbacké Ibn Khadimou Rassoul.

Sheikh Awa Balla was born around 1900 in Gouye Ngoura, near Mbacké Baol, where her revered father lived at that time. In fact, Mame Thierno Ibra Faty lived during this time with the entire family of Serigne Touba during Sheikh's exile.

In "Marsiya Mame Thierno Birahim", Serigne Moussa Ka explains that after the founding of the village of Darou Marnane in Touba, Sheikh Awa Balla was weaned ("ferocious" in Wolof) on the same day that water first appeared from the well of the same village. And Serigne Moussa Kâ, to mark the coincidence with Sheik Aalla Balla's founding some thirty years later of a village called Darou Marnane with a well from which flowed water abundantly.


From an early age, his father entrusted him to Sheikh Moustapha, the eldest son of Khadimou Rassoul to teach him the Koran. The latter taught him the fundamentals of the holy book, but had to entrust it to Serigne Modou Makhtar Diop when he finished memorizing the holy Koran. In fact, Sheikh Moustapha had to respond to the famous call of Khadimou Rassoul, to which he also summoned Serigne Fallou, Serigne Modou Rokhaya Bousso and Serigne Massamba for historical recommendations.
Once the Koran was memorized, Cheikh Awa Balla followed with his older brother, Serigne Modou Habib, teaching religious sciences to his father, Mame Thierno Birahim. Serigne Sheikh Awa Balla then stayed in Ndar (Saint-Louis) where he had the opportunity to compare his knowledge with that of several Ulema in the northern city.


One day, talking to his lieutenant Thierno Birahim, Khadimou Rassoul asked about the permanence of Sheik Awa Balla in Saint-Louis and the father of Saint-Louis to explain that he had reached the required levels. He then asked her to come and see him. He received the message in Saint-Louis and hastened to answer it. His father told him that the call came from Saint Khadimou Rassoul. His father sent him to spend some time in the house of Khadimou Rassoul in Diourbel to perfect his education.
Some time later, Khadimou Rassoul asked him to live in Mbacké Kajor with Mouhamadoul Amine Bara, his son whom he had ordered to live there with Mame Thierno Birahim several years before. The holy man then asked him to marry Sokhna Faty Dame Diop (daughter of Sokhna Astou Mbacke Khadimou Rassoul). The latter had just been the widow of Serigne Ibra Faty Niang Mbacké, son of Thierno Birahim, brother of Sheikh Awa Balla. Khadim Rassoul then asked him to found his home Mbacké Kajor, in the same house that Mame Thierno Birahim lived several years ago. Serigne Ibra Faty Niang Mbacké was also buried in Mbacké Kajor.
During his stay in Mbacké Kajor, Sheik Awa Balla established very close ties with his old Mouhamadou Lamine Bara, the famous Waliyou Kajor. He becomes his confidante so much that the latter gave him the name of two of his sons. The first one disappeared early, he gave him the name of a second son who is none other than the valiant fighter of Islam, Serigne Cheikh Maty Lèye Mbacké, current Khalif General Mourides (God gives him long life).


In 1933, in the "Ndigueul" of Mame Thierno Ibra Faty, Sheik Awa Balla founded two kilometers of Mbacké Kajor, its first village Darou Marnane. One of the witnesses of this foundation explains that Sheikh Awa Balla continued to come with his disciples to perform the prayers of Korite and Tabaski to Mbacké Kajor with Serigne Bara, a sign of the narrowness of their relationships.


18 years later, after the disappearance of Serigne Bara in 1937, Mame Thierno Birahim in 1943, Sheik Awa Balla was animated by the same spirit of the fighter of Islam as his father Mame Thierno Birahim (who remembers having founded dozens of the town of Mbacké Kajor, from Darou Mouhty to Bélel Day Guett (Yabal), Sheikh Awa Balla founded Touba Roff in 1952 and dug a well there before ordering his eldest son, Mame Thierno, to remain in 1955. 1959 and 1960 he founded Darou Wahab and appointed his son Serigne Modou Mahfouss Mbacké (son of his holiness Sokhna Maïmouna Mbacké Bintou Khadimou Rassoul) Thanks to Sokhna Maï and his son S. Modou Mahfouz, Darou Wahab today has nothing to envy to a holy city.
In 1970, he founded Darou Miname Pett, where most of his "Daaras" were established under the direction of his eldest son, Mame Thierno.


In addition to these villages, Cheikh Awa Balla, in close collaboration with the elders, including Serigne Modou Awa Balla, Serigne Fallou and Serigne Bassirou, spread the thought of Khadimou Rassoul throughout Senegal, by establishing houses and instituting the annual Gamous . , which are still perpetuated today by his eldest son, Mame Thierno, in Bambey, Mbaba Garage, Tivaouane, Khamnane, Tasset, Dakar, etc.
In Tivaouane, the neighborhood where his home is located and most of his talibés is still officially called the district of Cheikh Awa Balla. Its solid location in the city and its excellent relations with the El Hadji Malick Sy family date back to the 50s.


This expression, which is widespread in the middle of Mouride, reveals, according to his eldest son, a pure goodness of Sheik Awa Balla only to the face of God. In fact, all those who have frequented it for some reason have already heard it singing the expression "ASTAKHFIROUKA YAKHAFAR" or expressions such as SOUBHANA LAH, ILAHA ILALAH, etc. Many of their namesake are also called BAYE YAKHA. There is no doubt that the presence at his side recalls, every second, the oneness of God and the ephemeral nature of this lower world.
Sheikh Awa Balla was a Sufi, a practitioner of IMAN, ISLAM, IHSAN and who wanted the reason for any act to be the face of God. He liked to say that a seed of good deeds will never be lost. If it does not grow today, it will grow tomorrow. In other words, one who does good always reaps well, so force himself to sow good, even if others do not do the same, he would like to give lectures. He was a fervent advocate of the IHSAN, he wanted the least act to carry all Islamic values ​​in its execution and especially to be done only by the face of God.
The quality of the relationships he forged with the great men of his time is an illustration of this. Mame Thierno, his caliph, tells that Serigne Modou Awa Balla, his eldest son, loved him so much that he refused to stay in his own house when he arrived in Dakar. He preferred to stay in the house of his right arm, talibé and brother Sheikh Awa Balla.
He tells us that with Serigne Bassirou Ibn Khadimou Rassoul the friendship was so strong that nothing happened in one without the other knowing. As proof, Mame Thierno tells us that Cheikh Awa Balla and his old Serigne Modou Awa Balla stayed a total of 2 months alongside Serigne Bassirou as he was about to leave the underworld. They did not return to their homes until after the disappearance of the holy man.
His relations with Sheikh Moustapha, Serigne Failed, Serigne Tacko of Darou Salam, the whole family of Thierno Birahim, Baye Niasse and President Senghor, among others, were remarkable.

He finished his work here on April 25, 1976, leaving to his family and his disciples the image of a man of God, a man GOOD: CHEIKH AWA BALLA & BAMBOO

With the death of Sheikh Awa Balla, his eldest son, Mame Thierno, assisted by his brothers, Serigne Modou Makhtar Mbacke, Serigne Atekh, Serigne Mahfouz, Mame Thierno, Ahmadou and Mame Mor, spared no efforts to make the legacy of his father . ardent houses of Islamic and religious education. Thus Mame Thierno was able to obtain from President Senghor in 1978 the construction of the road Darou Marnane-Darou Mouhty, through Fass Touré. This route was in addition to that achieved by Sheikh's own efforts years ago between Darou-Marnane and Thilmakha.
Mame Thierno then attacked the drilling of Darou Marnane, which was built by President Abdou Diouf in 1981 and finally equipped in 1991.
Darou Marnane is no longer stranded and full of water, Mame Thierno did everything for the village to be electrified in 1996.
During all this time he started building the Darou Marnane Mosque in 1983. His father had given him the order as soon as Darou Mouhty's mosque was finished, as it was a priority.
Thank God, on June 16, 2000, Sheikh Mourtada led the first Friday prayer of the new mosque in Darou Marnane. While Darou Marnane stands out among the sacred cities of Khadimou Rassoul, Darou Miname Pett has a hole and Serigne Modou Mahfouz just asked, a few days ago, the cornerstone of the Darou Wahab mosque in "Ndigueul" of Sokhna Mai Bintou Khadim.
In the meantime, Serigne Modou Makhtar founded Darou Ridwaan Bayti Mbari Bèye where he cultivated the land and built a well. Serigne Atekh extends to Darou Khoudoss Thiounielle.
Sheikh Awa Balla reaps the fruits of the good deeds he has sown. God rewarded him today with a united family that perpetuates the works of Islam that he has always initiated into the face of God.
Sheikh Awa Balla was an exceptional being, a slave of God who had deep love for the Prophet Muhammad (PSL), a MURID SADIKH, a Taliban who had the "Ngeureum" of Serigne Touba and Mame Thierno Birahim by the sweat of his forehead, a great man, A GOOD MAN: CHEIKH AWA BALLA A BAKH


Grandson of Cheikh Awa Balla
CEO of the African Institute of Islamic Finance
Email: [email protected]
Article published for the first time in the newspaper "Le Soleil" in 1999 on the eve of Darou Marnane Magal.


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