Wednesday , June 23 2021

Inalilahi wa inna ilayhi raji & un: A worthy son of Casamance left

It is with sadness that we learned of the death on Saturday of André Keny, head of the Real Estate Development Corporation (SCI) Biagui, which earned us the famous cities of Biagui throughout Senegal. With his death, Casamance loses a worthy son, who will have his life, to prove that there was a true Senegalese experience in engineering and construction.

Born in 1940 in Niaguis Sône, in the department of Ziguinchor, André Keny is an expert surveyor since 1960. His training, he made between André Peytavin Technical School of Saint-Louis, the School of Public Works, the Technical School of High school. of Abidjan and finally the technical school Maurice Delafosse where he leaves with the preliminary diploma of the expert geometers.

After a period in a few offices of the place, André Keny creates in 1976 the André Keny Design Office and starts his own business.

Among his clients at the time: Jean Lefebvre, SAPCO, AGETIP or the Autonomous Port of Dakar. He will also work internationally with the company Geodetic Switzerland, which will give him control of the polygon of Mecca. Sorry for the little.

In front of the SCI Biagui he created in 1983, André Keny will offer Senegalese houses for all the scholarships, although the city of Biagui Yoff, one of the most famous of its cities, is a high-end. From Ziguinchor to his hometown, passing through Rufisque, Mbour and Dakar naturally, the towns of Biagui proudly enchant and are recognized everywhere as references in the countryside.

André Keny was a tireless worker. By the last breath, he continued to inspire his companies and point the way to his employees.

Father of nine children and very close to his family, Andre Keny gave a central place to the social actions he conducted in all discretion. He is an orphan of an entire country. Mission Accomplished!


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