In the middle of real birth, this is where Meghan Markle and Harry live


While waiting for the birth of their future and first son, Harry and Meghan, they live a real headache because of the delay of the construction of their new house.

A few more days and Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will be parents for the first time. the couple announced their new baby at Frogmore Cottage in the Windsor area. But still in rehab, the Sussex couple recently made the decision to re-live in Kensington Palace with Prince William and Kate Middleton. But not too long ago, they voluntarily distanced themselves from the rent in a corner of paradise on the Cotswold farm.

According to Gala, the couple oversees their daily work at Frogmore Cottage, located a few hundred meters from Windsor Castle. Media reports that this sudden movement is due to the considerable delay in the work of Frogmore Cottage, as well as the couple's desire to approach St Mary's Hospital in London, where Meghan Markle will deliver.


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