"If Leonardo comes, he will do great things" / France / PSG / SOFOOT.com


An imminent return validated by Pastore.

As announced several weeks ago, Leonardo must return to PSG's organizational chart this summer. And the news does not only appeal to fans of Paris, but also to Javier Pastore. Asked by France Football on the subject, the first newcomer to the PSG version of the HQ expressed his enthusiasm for this return.

" He is perfect for this role. What he did for PSG, to change a club, a team, in such a short time, is very strongJudge Pastore.He got it all with Nasser. They know each other very well and know what the club needs to progress and rise in Europe. Leo has a lot of talent. This would be a chance and a new turning point for PSG. If he comes, he will do great things."

Here is someone who would not say no to a return to Paris.


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