Idrissa Seck promises to build Tambacounda as industrial and logistics center


Tambacounda, 10 Feb (APS) – The candidate of the "Idy2019 Coalition" promised to make the Tambacounda region an industrial and logistical development hub.

"We will make Tambacounda an industrial and logistical development hub to absorb this workforce of young people and women in the region," he said at a rally held from Saturday to Sunday.

The former prime minister assured that with the development of the railroad, Tambacounda will be a crossroads for the interconnection with the countries of the subregion.

"The entire development of Casamance's mining, agriculture, and wealth will give greater openness in the ECOWAS region," he added.

Idrissa Seck indicates that this huge area of ‚Äč‚Äčeastern Senegal has been forgotten in the programs of the outgoing government.

The Idy2019 Coalition candidate expressed his ambition to correct inequalities in the health, education and employment service.

& Quot; Unemployment is invading you. The education system is on the ground, the health system is under-equipped and has no specialized staff, "said Idrissa Seck.

"Have peace of mind, we will solve the situation by replacing the outgoing government and establishing a development program that will absorb that tremendous youth," he promised.

The candidate of the "Coalition Idy2019" welcomed the strong mobilization of the inhabitants of the region, from Koumpentoum to Tambacounda via Koussanar.



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