"I gave them a key and other documents … We will not accept that the investigations are sloppy …"


Birahime Seck just got out of court in Dakar. After Babacar Mbaye Ngaraaf, Mouth Bane and Pierre Goudiaby Hastapa, it was the turn of the Civil Forum coordinator to move to the Board of Directors for the needs of the investigation opened by the Attorney General on the $ 10bn high scandal case.
According to him, paper documents and a usb key were made available to investigators. Birahime Seck, to say that he will provide them with other documents that will help to clarify this case.
Birahime Seck was facing investigators from the Division of Criminal Investigation (DIC) who are charged with hearing from anyone who may be holding information for the purpose of revealing the truth.
In addition, it also demanded that the government in power disqualify all reports issued by state control bodies, including the GSE on oil and gas contracts.
In addition, Birahime Seck asked the prosecutor to take all necessary steps to get the opinion of experts in finance, accountants and people specializing in fraud and corruption. For him, it is urgent to set up a platform responsible for mobilizing all these cases.


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