Thursday , June 24 2021

“I am half of myself”: the fun and proud Adele impresses with her dramatic weight loss

It had been months since Adele appeared publicly. Happy now divorced, the singer is preparing to release a new album with great impatience. This Saturday, October 24, she returned to the spotlight on Saturday Night Live. The opportunity for her to meet her fans, but also to reveal her spectacular weight loss on television. Because in the last few months, Hello, interpreter has undergone an impressive physical transformation that she documented (a little bit) on her Instagram account. In a black outfit with bare shoulders, it is therefore very thin that Adele made her return to the screens. And it is with humor that she immediately refers to her new physique. “I know I’m different than the last time you saw me”began Adele, smiling.

“Due to coronavirus restrictions, I had to travel light and brought only half of me, continued the singer, funny. So this is the half I chose. “ Happy to be back at the front of the stage, Adele then spoke of his pleasure in returning to the set of the American show. “My God, I am absolutely thrilled to finally be presenting this show. Not only do I really love this show, but it’s the one that started my career in America 12 years ago., remembered, nostalgically, the happy mother. See, I was the musical guest in 2008, when Sarah Palin came in as Tina Fey, so obviously a few million people gave tips to watch her. Well, the rest is history now. “ And to believe in the reactions of internet user Adele’s performance, the singer seduced everyone!

Adele is “shocked to look in the mirror”

Very stressed and excited about the experience, the singer must also be delighted with the comments about her new physique.. Even though sometimes she still has a hard time noticing the change. “Adele finds that attention on her very embarrassing. She admits that, although she looks better than ever now, she is still incredibly aware of her appearance.”, explained an American media source, who added that the Hello tube interpreter is sometimes still “hard to believe that she looks as beautiful as people say” and is still “shocked when she looks in the mirror”. Separated from her husband, Adele made the decision to care for her a few months after she “went through difficult times”, as his trainer explained: “It is natural that with this change comes a new perspective and the desire to be the best possible version of yourself”.

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