Government will do its best to eradicate horse disease (minister)


Latmandué (Kaolack), April 20 (APS) – The Minister of Animal Production and Livestock, Samba Ndiobéne Ka, told Latmingué (Kaolack center) on Saturday the government's desire to "do everything possible." "to control African horse sickness and equine sows, in which cases they were detected in various parts of the country.

"The Government will do its utmost to overcome this epidemic of African horse sickness and [équine] which is wreaking havoc in the country, "said Ka, who was visiting Latmingué, where the disease had wiped out thousands of donkeys.

The minister welcomed the establishment of a fighting mechanism, especially marked by a session of consultation and service in Latmingué, calling "all populations to join the struggle."

The Minister of Livestock and Animal Production also called on the local authorities to become involved and not to make any "discrimination in relation to the political affiliation of the equine owners."

"Politics and development are two different things," he insisted.

According to him, "all the information on the ground is reported daily to relevant services and the authorities know exactly what needs to be done to eradicate this epidemic."

First, he explained, "the corpses of donkeys scattered in every village should be buried deep unless they are cremated to prevent the spread of the disease."

Samba Ndiobéne Ka asked the local authorities to get involved by mobilizing tractors for the operation, promising to follow up and advise the guardianship.

For his part, the mayor of Latmingué, Macoumba Diouf, said that the visit of the minister is justified by the magnitude of the disease that reached more than 300 subjects and killed more than 1000 horses.

According to him, they are the main working animals of rural populations that use them for their activities.


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