Saturday , October 23 2021

Google identifies Google as the most powerful brand (study)


London – US online retail giant Amazon has outperformed Google and Apple IT groups and took the lead in the ranking of the world's most powerful brands, according to a Kantar ranking.

According to this annual list of BrandZ, the group founded by Jeff Bezos raised the value of its brand by 52% to 315 billion dollars.

Kantar's office and its owner, British public relations giant WPP, said on Tuesday that Amazon has increased the value of its brand through "smart acquisitions, excellent customer service and its ability to outperform its competitors by proposing a ecosystem rich in products and services ".

Amazon jumps from third to first place, stolen from Internet giant Google, which is in third place, with a brand value estimated at $ 309 billion.

Google is preceded by an explosion of another Silicon Valley giant, Apple, which holds the second place, to 309.5 billion dollars.

Following the ranking are Microsoft's computer group, Visa payments specialist, Facebook social network and Chinese online trading giant Alibaba.

The authors of the study emphasize that the ranking, which includes the 100 most valued global brands, privileges the technology, finance and distribution sectors – areas that navigate the development of Internet activities.

Outside of these areas, the top company in the ranking is the McDonald's fast food giant, which is the ninth.

Newcomers in the top 100 include US technology brands such as Dell Technologies, and Chinese, such as Xiaomi.

The study also highlights the rise of Asian brands, of which 23 occupy the ranking with 15, including China.

On the French side, the most valued brands come from the luxury sector, with Louis Vuitton (22nd), Chanel (31st) and Hermès (37th). Next are the cosmetics giant Léo Oréal (43rd) and the Orange (64th) telecommunications group.

This study is compiled by research firm Kantar, based on market data collected from 3.7 million consumers, analyzing more than 166,000 brands.

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