Google goes from the search engine to the search engine


On Google, users are satisfied with the first response and do less and less searches.

(CCM) – Everyone knows that Google's main activity continues to be what you see when you open your homepage: it's a search engine. But an amazing basic trend over the use made of Google is showing up: more and more users of the engine are satisfied with the response provided by Google and do not even do real research.

Rand Fishkin, a global SEO specialist, conducted a study of Google's US first quarter research. In total, the American version of Google would have 150 billion orders. And in this total, it's incredible. 48.96% of users do not click any links after entering the search.

If we distinguish between mobile and desktop, the difference is even more obvious: 61.2% of searches on mobile devices do not get clicks compared to just 34.7% on computers. Another worrying detail 6.01% of clicks on a search link for a Google-owned site. Therefore, Only 45.03% of clicks (organic or paid) return outside the Google ecosystem.

What does that mean? First of all, many users are satisfied with the first response given by Google. This may make sense if you look for, for example, the weather of the day, lyrics or quick information. But this also means that many Internet users will have the first information displayed in cash and will not check for themselves.

A growing trend in recent years, which should continue Google will increasingly position itself as a "response mechanism" and no longer as a true search engine.. To the chagrin of website publishers, they will be forced to spend even more for Google to have visitors on their own content … Clearly, Google is increasingly taking advantage of the Internet.

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