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Gérald Chérubin-Jeannette, Guyana rapper firefighter committed to violence against women

Whether in your daily firefighter or behind the camera for the filming of your clip, Gérald Chérubin-Jeannette also known as "Gerald the same 973" is committed against violence against women. "I am not a psychologist, but because of my work, I have some experience with humans"he sums up.


This Sunday morning in Besançon, Gérald left his fireman's uniform to wear the director's. Passionate about music, composer in his spare time, he turns the third part of the music video "Megara", a tribute to his aunt Monique, who died in 2014 under the blows of his companion in Martinique. "It was the click"he explains.

But more than a testament to her aunt's story, it is to Gerald "a feeling about a phenomenon that has existed since the night of temps ", a need to say that it is necessary"stop making the woman a puppetOriginally from Guyana, where numbers of violence against women are higher than in France, Gérald Chérubin-Jeannette expects young people to change their attitudes in the West Indies.

When someone is outside, one can judge very quickly. But as soon as we face it, we see that there is a family history behind. Immediately, we are more subtle, less determined than public opinion.

A colorful clip

If "Revenge does not have all the answers"to Gerald, she was found:"Music is the initiator of a feeling where we will question."As a result, a colorful clip"not scary, not black".

Most prevention campaigns show these women mirrored with their broken jaws. This colorful clip is graphical to show that they are not just victims and that they have a force that does not have their tormentors.

The clip was made in several places, some of which at Fort Belin in Salins-les-Bains, as a "of the women's body, which is a bastion, a fortressFor this third part of the shooting, return to the CFA of Besançon in front of the fresco style "Underground Berlin ", made by his friend Stanislas Masson. Alongside Gerald, committed women, such as Barbara Romagnan, former member of the Doubs, Marie-Silene Alber, lawyer of the Jura or Anne-Claire Calvaruso, hair stylist of Liesle (Doubs).

© Catherine Schulbaum / France 3 Franche-Comté

© Catherine Schulbaum / France 3 Franche-Comté

Speak to save

For Gerald, it is not a question of escaping the work of associations against violence against women, nor of encouraging "the complaint""The purpose of the clip is to say that I'm not here to make money, but to relay a message"The video will be unveiled on November 25, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

Watch the report by France 3 Franche-Comté during the filming of the clip:

Footage of the video clip against violence against women

Violence against women: numbers in France in 2017
  • 130 women were killed by the partner or former "official" or "unofficial" partner, that is, one woman every 2.8 days
  • 219,000 adult women report having been physically and / or sexually abuseds for your spouse or former spouse over a year
  • Any less1 in 5 victims say they have filed a complaint
  • 88% of the victims of violence committed by the partner registered by the police and gendarmerie are women
  • 96% of those convicted of sexual violence are men
  • 94,000 adult women report having been raped and / or raped for one year
  • 9 out of 10 victims know the perpetrator
  • 1 in 10 claim to have made a complaint

Are you a woman victim of violence? You can contact Violence Women information at 39 19. The connection is anonymous and free.

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