Genesio ahead of Lyon-Manchester City: "We've already done it, we have to believe in ourselves" – Champions League


The coach of OL addresses the reception of Manchester City on Tuesday in the Champions League with "humility", but also a lot of "ambition".

In the slogan for the players : "You are playing the game without thinking twice, giving everything we have to give, we know that this team is superior to us on paper, but we show where we were able to problem and beat them. We must believe in this and present ourselves with our strength Respect this team, but play with our strengths It is a very important game for us that allows us to qualify.

About the possibility of surprising them as if they were going "For me, Manchester City are a favorite in the Champions League, and for us it was a first-round accomplishment, and we're going to approach it with a lot of humility, but also a lot of ambition, that's the only way to worry about them again. We have to believe in ourselves We will need to be in 150% It will also be successful In order to make a feat against this type of team, it is necessary. our audience, we have every opportunity to achieve a great feat again. "

"Fekir? In this kind of game, it's essential, but it has to be 100%"

Bruno Genesio

In Nabil Fekir "In this kind of game, we need 100% of the players." "Yesterday, we just had him run." He had recovered very well, "Let's review tonight." Nabil is our captain, one of the most We are going to take one last test tonight, we will have a discussion and it is he who will tell you his feelings. confidence in him, in what he declared (after the derby against Saint-Etienne) and his sensations.

In the city's waterproof defense "In general, it's a team that has between 70 and 75% possession, which makes things easier. They are in attacks and therefore they are very little in trouble because the opposing team has little ball. team with a very compact block that presses very quickly and very forcefully the loss of the ball, it chokes you.This is a lot of things that allow them to be waterproof and collect less goals.

"The only way to get them in trouble is to play. If we only defend ourselves, we will suffer and lose the game"

Bruno Genesio

At Anthony Lopes "When his goalkeeper was decisive on Friday (against Saint-Etienne), where he allowed us to stay in the game – if we had been taken without two Antho exploits, the match would have been different – this gives a lot of confidence to the defense and for the whole team.Tomorrow (Tuesday) we'll need a big Antho.It's good for us that he made such a match on Friday. "

About the importance of this game : "In the case of a positive result, he will qualify, which is important." In the history of the club, there have been some great achievements in the European Cup, especially against Real Madrid. because I think it will be a different configuration from the first one.If we trust in their last games, we can be worried.The only way to put them in difficulties is to play.If we are content to defend only against this type of team, we will suffer and we will not be immune to a kick, an individual achievement, an exceptional goal … and we will lose the game.We should not regret it at the end of this match. "


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