Full card for the Wertheimer helmet at the Prix de la Porte de Madrid (race listed), Tuesday at Saint-Cloud.


Three 4-year-olds were challenging three of their elders in the Price of the Madrid Gate (listed run), on Tuesday in Saint-Cloud. Result: They took the top three places, the winning pair consisting of two representatives of Wertheimer helmet, FOLAMOUR (photo) and Ziyadtrained respectively by André Fabre and Carlos Laffon-Parias.

Principal animator, Ziyad long illusion for success, but was counting on the end of the race to the outside of the FOLAMOUR. Patient in the back of the small platoon, the latter austered his fellow color on the wire. Always seen in the wake of Ziyad, in the third position, inside, GOOD QUESTION maintained the 3rd place ahead SILVERWAVE, who in vain tries to improve his position after galloping into a third curtain, inside.


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