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Here are the top news on the front page of French newspapers published on Saturday:

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Innovation: the winners of the French champions

Valeo had the highest number of patents in front of PSA and Safran. Two years after winning all three categories combined with PSA, which consolidates its second place ahead of Safran, Valeo, an automotive supplier, is still a boost that pushes it to the top with a counter stopped for 1,355 published patent applications compared to 1,110 last year. For the first time in 2018, Valeo's R & D budget surpassed the € 2 billion mark. Soitec's innovative materials specialist takes over the leadership of the patent-pending ITTs and the SuperGrid Institute the SME.

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European elections: why do we have to vote?

For the French as well as for all 27 member countries. And maybe even 28, because, to add to the complexity of the EU machine, we still do not know if the English will still be with us on May 26. Brexit spoils elections that smell of sulfur, with the inexorable push of nationalists and other populists already in command in Hungary, Poland, Italy, etc. "This election gives rise to unnecessary agitation," says Valéry Giscard d'Estaing. Certainly, the former president of the republic, European always, plays a little provocative, from the top of his status as a wise old man. But he recalls in his own way a truth that sheds light on the labyrinthine system of Brussels: the Strasbourg Parliament may be the only body elected by universal suffrage, weighs little in the decision-making process. Sixty-two years after the start of the European adventure in Rome, the Union is still in the hands of the States and the technos of the Commission.

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