Finances: the designated Atlantic Bank, "Best Bank of the Ivory Coast"


According to an information note from this institution sent Sunday to the APA, this "unprecedented project" aims to create a sustainable and mutually beneficial partnership between the group and the most promising start-ups.

"The BCP group is undergoing a real transformation aimed at optimizing the customer experience in which digital plays an important role. In order to support and stimulate this dynamic, our group has decided to open itself to external sources in particular, star-ups to co-design with them and deploy agile solutions. "Kamal Mokdad, the general manager of the BCP group responsible for international affairs, explained at one address.

A conference-debate on the theme "banks-star-up: what models of collaboration, for what impacts?", Highlighted the launch ceremony of the Fintech Challenge.

"Fintech's program of challenges is occurring in the midst of the transformation of the BCP Group, which aims to offer its customers better access to their services and greater added value," the rating says.

Continuing, the bank reminds that, in view of this "promising partnership", the call is open until December 23, 2018.

"The selected star-off at the end of this call will have the opportunity to sign a collaboration agreement with BCP and / or its subsidiaries Atlantic Bank and to have a privileged opportunity to give a boost to its activities and growth," he concludes. the note.

The BCP group is one of the main banking institutions in Morocco and is present in 28 countries around the world.

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