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Filmmaker Maguette Diop dedicates a book to Khalife Serigne Abdoul Ahad Mbacké

Dakar, June 23 (APS) – Senegalese filmmaker Maguette Diop has just published a book on the 3rd General Khalif de Mourides edited by Harmattan entitled & # 39; & # 39; Maane, I certify Serigne Abdoul Ahad Mbacké & # 39; With a subtitle & # 39; & # 39; Understand Muridism & # 39; & # 39 ;, You learned the author's APS.

In this 340-page book, the author highlights Khalif's speeches and sermons and the core values ​​of Mouridism: "Truth, righteousness, fairness, love of neighbor, the quest to know and put it into practice, as well as work & Quot; & # 39; & # 39;

Sheikh Abdoul Ahad Mbacké was born in 1914 in Diourbel. He became the 3rd General Khalif of the Mourides after his death on 6 August 1968 by Serigne Fallou Mbacké. He is reminded of God on June 19, 1989.

In the preface to the book, Abdou Lahad Mbacke Ibn Serigne Mustapha Bashir recalls that "Sheikh Abdou Ahad Mbacke was a spiritual guide and a Sufi master who underwent rigorous education until becoming a guide in art. educate and train generations and generations of men. "

The former General Khalif of the Mourides, he said, "was endowed with a rare quality among spiritual leaders, his ability to convey in a discourse or sermon, with pedagogy, simplicity and charisma, teachings of a very high level. the world could appreciate.It was through these teachings that he delivered with methodology that he could thus touch the hearts and minds of the greatest number of populations. "

Maguette Diop's book "is made in its time". "In fact," he points out, "in a world of crises of values, materialism, and frantic race for interests in the lower world, we have, more than ever, need for references, models, educators. its time to deliver a message that touches hearts and minds and makes people better on all levels. "

For him, "Sheikh Abdou Ahad was one of those references" and "from this point of view, Maguette Diop's book is of undeniable relevance and utility."

The preface also notes that "no author is better placed than Maguette Diop to write about Sheik Abdou Ahad," recounting: "In the 1970s, with his friend, our brother Sheikh Ahmadou Mbacke ibn Serigne Moustapha Bachir, he participated in Cheikh Abdou Ahad & # 39;

"Maguette's intellectual level, her thirst for spirituality, and her life with a great man of God were written by a great thinker who, in addition to her religious status , was able to discuss and debate metaphysical and philosophical themes that was Cheikh Abdou Ahad, contributed greatly to his solid training, "he writes.

In this book, the preface emphasizes that "the author does not necessarily require the reader to believe in Sheikh Abdu Ahad from a religious standpoint as a spiritual guide, but invites him to a lucid and objective analysis. in order to judge for himself the relevance of his speech.

According to him, Maguette Diop & # 39; suggests to the reader that he looks at his text under the intellectual prism and is undoubtedly what allows him to appreciate it better.

In a post-face, Abbas Ba writes that "by closing this book, I am inhabited by a feeling of fullness, inner joy, almost jubilation (which I hope and communicative desire to any reader)."

The author, he salutes, & # 39; he carefully avoided falling into the usual trap of hagiography, or even the dithyramb, when it comes to the life of an exceptional being whose historical thickness escapes. the descriptive narrative of his trajectory.

"He has listened and scrupulously respected the will of his extraordinary character, which he always desired, as the title of the book + Maane indicates, or I affirm, I assert, that these remarks were reported as such, without additions or modifications, which may generate biased interpretations, "he says.

According to him, "Serigne Abdou Ahad Mbacké himself, moved by a reverential fear of the men of God, is rarely present in his own speeches, except to say that he does not express himself. as a spokesman for Serigne Touba, founder of the brotherhood he runs, exclusively on his behalf and on his behalf.

The author points out: "it shows the strong capacity for social transformation, individual and collective that Mouridism supports; his ability to form an armed citizen to actively participate in building a society that works harmoniously on the low values, qualities and virtues that are: truth, righteousness, justice, justice, love. from the next, the search for knowledge and its implementation, as well as the liberating work that ennobles man. "

For Abbas Ba, this life is a breviary, a powerful viaticum, in the face of multifaceted crises that affect all mankind; in short, the new humanism so long awaited and expected ".

In addition, he concludes: "The current caliph, the eighth (3rd since the grandchildren's ascension to this eminent charge), in this case Serigne Mountakha Bassirou Mbacké, fits perfectly in this dynamic to perpetuate the precious legacy embodied in the messianic message of Khadimou Rassoulilahi & # 39; & # 39 ;.


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