Fatima Zahra Sall is the lawyer of her mother Aissata Tall Sall


While his mother Aissata Tall Sall called the press to talk about his mobilization for Macky Sall, who wants to seek a second term in the first round on February 24, 2019, Fatima Zahra Sall tries to make clear the president's choice of "Dare the future "movement, facing Internet users difficult to convince.

It all began when she began a series of questions to ask the Senegalese if they once voted for her if they sponsored him to claim the guidance of their choices.

It is a surfer named Tapha Diaw who will react first to clarify simply that an aspiring head of our country should never give up on his beliefs. He adds that the lawyer ruined everything.

Disappointed, Karim does not consume the choice of the one to whom he threw his card during the 2017 elections. What is the point of beating a person for 5/6 years, creating his movement, going to the legislature for after returning his jacket. Socialists, she is the one I admire most, pity !!!, writes he

Still in this debate for the choice of Me Aissata Tall Sall, a user named Pam, asks for two opinions. One to set the status of the opponent and the other to show their disappointment, after all.

And Fatima Zahra Sall to bring an answer to all this.


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