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Faire plus and mieux for the croissance mondiale

Upgraded by the IMF Steering Committee 6th Paragraphe Statements, President of the World Bank David Malpass 7th Paragraphe Statements

WASHINGTON (awp / afp) – The autonomous meetings of the Fonds International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Bank of the World are now in the middle of an appellate commune with the Fund and to pour in the Croissance of the Continent conflicts with traders and with respect to the Brexit.

Of other problems on the other hand, with the G20 finance ministers directly requesting the IMF to file a number of three controversies on the social network Facebook.

The members of the Fonds on the discussion of how many of the "pressures of pairs" on the payrolls for which they are concerned and the greater the rate of world trade in order to reduce the uncertainty of the croissance, to declare the new general directive IMF, Kristalina Georgieva, lors d'une press conference.

The commercial tensions between the Etats-Unis and the Chine on this are a subject of discussion but the meetings of the financiers of this group, a-the-souligné. For its own sake, "We must fill in the raisons for the loans in the past plus the progress in the matter of commerce", and in this case the result of the conflict in the Sino-America, a-t-he estimates.

"Our saviors are all three that the economy actuelle is beaucoup plus an economy of services, of electronic commerce, but with more than two doings to deal with badly to come," a-elle également commenté.

From her côté, the IMF's 189 members' steering committee to the appellant to the user of "all our approachable, individual and collective policies, to attain the risks, improve their resilience and improve their profitability."

"The idle croissance, the low-income investments, the manufacturing activities are dynamically and economically important. The climate change and fragility yields the most vulnerable payments," rappelé David Malpass, president of the Banque. "More bonne nouvelle is what a general croissance is possible," a-t-il poursuivi appelant to attach the bonnes politiques and the necessary reforms.

"A multilateral cooperation is necessary for the reduction of commercial frictions", the soul of our European Central Bank patron (ECB) Mario Draghi Alors, who sold from other douro-droits, was introduced in the wake of nombreux products, Airbus, French, French Italian or L'Olive Spagnole aircraft.

Up to 3% of croissance in the middle of this year, "in a place of place for the political mistakes", a misunderstanding in the hands of the IMF chef Gita Gopinath in the preview of the Fonds.

And the fact that the rerun is due for international trade in the 2008 crisis, the volume of goods and services increased by 1.1% cette année. This is the most favorable progression since 2012 and a kick for rapport aux 3.6% from 2018.

In spite of the critiques, the American Secretary of Commerce Steven Mnuchin, who defended the American policy. "Preparons of the Fondations of a Future Croissance to Traverses of the Commercial Accords Plus Equitable", a-t-il argué.


On the other hand, by members of the IMF Members of the IMF are concerned about the potential repercussions of Facebook cryptomonnaie attend 2020.

The G7, the Groupe des sept pays les plus industrialisés (Allemagne, Canada, Etats-Unis, France, Royaume-Uni, Italie et Japon) has agreed that the condition should not be for the stable cryptomonnaies, such as the Libra, et al. The instauration of a legal cadre.

From a côté, the ministers of the G20's finances on the preconceived sale of the "evaluer" the risks that have the stable numerical monks, you are going to tell a panier of tell them that the euro or the dollar, et d'y "remédier" as long as celles-ci ne only lancées.

The Japanese residence of the G20 is the most demanded by the IMF of the macroeconomic implications for the members.

Kristalina Georgieva's soulign samedi that the IMF adopts "an approche tres equilibrium" sur cette question, examining both the bene fi ces – plus the grandfather of the services of parenting– what the risks with the menace of the souveraineté des Etats.

"The Pouring and the Abuse of Illegal Purposes, and the Rise of the House, the Financing of Terrorism," he acknowledged, plus the soulign "the ineluctable character" of the numerical monks. "Nous allons continue à travailler", a-t-elle ajouté, "en toute conscience".

France, Italy, and Italymagazine on the sale of the future of Facebook on a recent trip to Europe and all of its things for the sake of veto.

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