Exploration of zircon: France would conspire with NO Camp


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These accusations come at a time when Kabadio Drilling equipment being stocked for a few days at the Kataba 1 sub-prefecture is blocked and then repatriated to Dakar by the company in charge of building the infrastructure.

Astron, which was supposed to carry out drilling as part of corporate social responsibility, says it does not understand the reasons for the blocking of the material by the authorities. A situation that raises the niche of the representative of society in Senegal and the sages of the village of Kabadio. They fired bullets at anyone who opposed the interest of the people and even disregarded the decisions taken by the competent authorities of the country.

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Ibrahima Diaw, national manager of the company Astron, a geography engineer who conducted the study on the environmental impact of this mining trial located in the village of Niaffourang lamented the attitude of some third parties who want to follow the master manipulators at all costs to get them to the holding on the way.


He spoke specifically about the complicity of France, because to believe: "This country would be behind the civil front of Bignona and even inviting them to a training workshop, which is nothing more than talk about ways of opposing exploitation Mr. Diaw representative of the Australian company in Senegal speaks of manipulation of French cooperation behind the civilian front of Bignona, for only blocked the project, something he deplores. in Niaffourang.



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