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Euro – Qualification – Antoine Griezmann found in Iceland

Antoine Griezmann received a penalty for the Blues. (Mantey / LA € ™ Team Services)

Euro – Qualifications

Faced with a closed Icelandic team, the French have been striving to achieve their dominance. In trouble with Barça, Antoine Griezmann emerged, being the most prominent blue offensively, especially in the second half.

When Antoine Griezmann is in the center of the game, he is no longer the same player. Positioned to the left in Barcelona, ​​he struggles to stand out in an extreme role that does not seem to please him. In front of Iceland, despite a difficult first period, he showed everything he needs to bring to his team. Firstly, a large volume of play, which allowed him to retrieve 4 balls, the highest total blues (with Lucas Digne) and touch 79 balls throughout the match.

Symbol of his desire to defend well, earned during his stay at Atletico Madrid with Diego Simeone, a double challenge occurred in the 49s that allowed him to launch a good French counterattack. Active in defense, as always, Barcelona also excelled in attack. Available in front of the Sissoko-Tolisso pair, it was an interesting relay, and tried to create change, especially for a Kingsley Coman who made differences through his percussion force. This forced him to put a little to the right, his preferred side. It is in this somewhat eccentric position that he seems most at ease, which further accentuates the discomfort he currently feels in Catalonia, isolated on the left side.

Not successful in his attacks, but still decisive

If he had a free position on the field, Griezmann would not leave Olivier Giroud alone in front of the attack. Seeking a central position, the Chelsea striker attempted to draw Icelandic defenders to him in order to find his friend in the attack thanks to his detours. For a few phases, this relationship worked and ultimately allowed Blues to find some space. Used to occupying that position of the most axial team in France, Barcelona were able to relay the expected between the middle and the attack, create deviations and reach the end if necessary. With 7 kicks, he is the Frenchman who tried his luck the most, by just two attempts, easily repulsed by the Icelandic goalkeeper. A lack of success shows that despite his best efforts and his good start, he is currently not in top form, even though without his injury he would certainly have tried the penalty recorded by Olivier Giroud. Nevertheless, well placed in the area, it was he who forced the decision when Skulason hit him to convert the penalty for Giroud. And at the end of the match, when the spaces opened, he could also have made a decisive pass after a delightful exchange with Wissam Ben Yedder (82 minutes). If it wasn't for the game in which he had the most opportunity to highlight the shirt, Griezmann was calm. And it certainly revived the debate about his position at FC Barcelona. – A.M.

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