El Hadji Abdou Wade leaves "Gueum sa Bopp" for Malick Gackou


XALIMANEWS: A member of the Task Force of the "Gueum sa Bopp" movement joined Malick Gackou and plans to walk with the Great Party to overthrow Macky Sall.

Here is his long statement that we propose to read:
Dear friends and supporters

I hereby inform you of my decision to cease all activities on the "Gueum Sa Bopp" movement of which I was part of the Communication Task Force as of November 15, 2018.
A press conference will be held later to explain the reasons.
I also made the decision, after a wide consultation with my parents, friends and supporters, to come and work alongside my brother El Hadji Malick Gakou, President of the Great Party, whom I support for the realization of noble projects that he for the our country, Senegal.
We are both members of the associative movement and the project of society that proposes to take our country out of the spasms of underdevelopment, through the Suxxali Senegaal Alternative Program (PASS), finds our assent perfectly.
In fact, political governance based on social justice, justice and transparency is well aligned with its rich political history.
Then we reach out to him and all the activists of the Great Party to help him realize the credible alternative our country needs so badly.

Dakar on November 15, 2018

El Hadji Abdou Wade says Mara


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