Dispute between two neighbors, one tears one part of the jaw of the other with the teeth


A woman who has been raped

In a fight, L. Seck was bitten by Ng. Fall, losing much of his jaw, tells us The Observer. The enmity of these two neighbors domiciled in Loro (Sagatta) finally landed last Thursday the gendarmerie brigade of Sagatta Gueth.

The two ladies L. Seck and Ng. Fall, from Loro (department of Kébémer), has not supported for nearly a year. At the origin of the fight, a fight between his two children.

Ng. Fall had sworn to kill L. Seck the next time she saw her. A threat that led the family to inform the municipal authorities.

And last Thursday, L. Seck was surprised by the neighbor, while she went to the field. "Ng. jumped to her throat, mastered her well, before seriously biting an outside of her jaw that she violently yanked. L. lost three teeth before losing consciousness bleeding profusely. " This version was given by L. Seck's brother-in-law, who still can not speak after the bite.

Seck was evacuated to Kébémer's health center and lodged a complaint with the Sagatta gendarmerie. The accused will have to appear on Monday for investigation.


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