Wednesday , June 23 2021

Discovering Macabra in Ouakam: Aminta Diouf was a housewife in Iba Der •

The investigation continues, the lady found naked and dead on Sunday, May 19, at the "Salagne-Salagne" market in Ouakam is Aminata Diouf, Mbour's housewife.

Maty Diouf his younger sister was the last shared his confidences. We had a long discussion. Today, with the retreat, I understood that she was saying goodbye. For example, she spent time with everyone else. She was cheerful, "recalls Maty Diouf, her little sister.

I traded with her on May 2, because I had come to join her in Dakar. I informed her of my arrival. She wanted us to come together and buy the supplies for the month of Ramadan. On May 4, she did not call all day. I did not call him either. In the afternoon I sent him a message. She did not respond and I noticed she had not recognized my message, "says Maty.

Aminta Diouf had to work in various districts of Dakar, including Gueule Tapée, Ouakam, Sicap Liberté 5, Sacré Coeur … "Her last place of work is the house of Professor Iba Der Thiam. She even called me to say she wanted to stop because it was very dear to the members of the former Minister of Education, "confesses Maty Diouf in the columns of Obs.

According to the information obtained, Amy Diouf was originally from Mbour. Discovered while he was in a state of advanced decomposition, the victim's lifeless body was difficult to identify for the gendarmes.

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